[Marie and LeGrand Cannon III–home movies] Reel 28

[Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 28


Cannon, LeGrand Jr. Collection
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Sign: ‘Entering Scenic West Virginia, Drive Safely, Speed Limit 55, Trucks 40’. Sign for the ‘Ohio State Line’ on bridge girders. Shot of the Ohio Statehouse. Sign: ‘Welcome to Kentucky, Visit the Bluegrass Horse Farm, Department of Public Relations’. A woman walking up the street. Children playing in the street. Sign: ‘Morgan House, Home of John Hunt Morgan’. A different sign: ‘The Famous Hunt-Morgan House, Turn Right for Free Guest Parking’. A large stone house with two confederate flags out front. Sign: ‘Todd House, Home of Mary Todd Lincoln’. Shot of the Mary Todd Lincoln House. Shot of a different brick building. Sign: ‘Ashland Admission to Mansion and Grounds, Adults 50, Children 25, Deposit 25¢ here for Admission to Grounds Only.’ Geese by a pond. Horses, pigs and donkeys in a field. Horse graves. Statue of the race horse Man O’ War, at the Kentucky Horse Park. (Lexington, KY) Cows in a field. Sign: ‘Old State House’. Shot of the Old State Capitol, Frankfort, Kentucky. Shot of the (current) Kentucky State Capitol building. View from the steps of the Capitol building. Shot of a different building. Dark shot of a sign for ‘Daniel Boone’s Grave’. Close up of the engraving on the Daniel Boone Grave monument. Shot of a monument. Fort Knox (Kentucky) seen from a moving car. Sign: Danger, Keep Out, Armed Guard, U.S. Treasury Dept., Bullion (obscured).’ Sign: ‘You Are Entering One of Our Nations Most Dangerous Highways, Armor Yourself with Safety’. Sign: My Old Kentucky Home, State Shrine, ¼ Mile Straight Ahead.’ Shot of a sign too blurry to read. Shot of Wickland historic mansion. (Bardstown, KY) Sign: ‘See Inside of Historic Wickland’. Panning shot of a church from steeple to front door. Close up of statues in front of the Basilica of St, Joseph Proto-Cathedral, (Bardstown, KY) including one of ‘R.T. Rev. M.J. Spalding Second Bishop 1908’. Statue of ‘R.T. Rev. B.J. Flaget First Bishop 1808.’ Shot of a church steeple. A group of man standing in front of a doorway with the sign ‘PAX INTRANTIBUS’. Shot of a log cabin. Sign saying that the cabin is a place that Abraham Lincoln from 1811 to 1816. Shot of a house. Sign: ‘Welcome to Tennessee, Enjoy Our Scenic Attractions’. Shot of the Tennessee State Capitol building. A statue of Andrew Jackson in front of the Capitol building. Panning shot of the Nashville skyline. The Nashville Parthenon. Ducks by a pond. Sign: ‘Columbia, “Old South Charm, New South Progress”’. Sign for ‘James Knox Polk’. Shot of the James K. Polk Ancestral Home. People gathered outside the gates of Graceland. Shots of the Graceland estate. (Memphis, TN) A bridge. Sign: ‘Welcome to Arkansas, West Memphis, Jaycees’. Shot of a field. Sign for ‘Little Rock’ on the side of a building. Sign: ‘General Douglas MacArthur Born Jan. 26, 1880 in this Building’. Shot of a building. Shot of the Arkansas State Capitol building. Little Rock Central High School. Buildings with elaborately decorated shutters. Sign: ‘Capt. E.F. Magner Russian Villa’. Shots of city streets. Nurses and nuns on the street. Close up of a nun. Sign: ‘New I.Q. Zoo New, Animals Perform for You’. Sign: ‘famous Performing animals, See them now’. Shot of the Arlington Hotel and Baths (Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas). Cows in a field. Sign: ‘Santa Gertrudis Winrock Farm’. Horses. Panning shot of houses and landscape. Sign: ‘Welcome to Missouri’. Blurry shot of a steamboat. Sign: ‘Mississippi River’. Sign for the ‘Ferry.’ Shot of a building. Sign: ‘Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Headquarters, Oak Ridge Operations, U.S. Atomic Energy Committee, Founded 1942 Pop. 28,000, World Famous Center of Nuclear Research & Product-, Dedicated to Peace & National Security.’ The American Museum of Atomic Energy. Panning shot of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Sign: ‘Boone Tavern Hotel, owned and operated by Berea College. Certainly the finest in Regional Foods. Shot of a car lot. Sign: ‘Welcome to the Safe Driver State’. Shot of the Pennsylvania State Capitol building. Cars on a bridge. Road signs: ‘Triboro Br. Harlem R. Drive’, ‘Bronx’, ‘HRY Hudson PKY/Y,’ ‘Use 2 Lanes’. [End of Reel]

West Virginia, USA;Columbus, Ohio;Kentucky, USA;Tennessee, USA;Little Rock, Arkansas;Harrisburg, Pennsylvania;Missouri, USA
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