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Williams, Zelma Collection

The collection consists of the [Cole & Williams — home movies], 12 reels of Super 8 film, totaling approximately 2560 feet, and 9 VHS tapes, shot by Emma Louise Cole and Zelma Williams, between 1968 and 1998.The films and videos are primarily home movies, including scenes of dogs, birthday parties, Christmas celebrations and family vacations.

Viall, Rebecca Freethey Collection

Collection consists of 5 reels of silent, color 16 mm film, shot by Rebecca Freethey Viall between 1949 and 1951. The film primarily consists of home movies, including footage of the Brookline, Maine 1949 Centennial celebration, and family trips to Acadia National Park. Other footage includes scenes of Camp Roosevelt near Black Cap Mountain and

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Viall, Virginia Lee Collection

Collection consists of 6 reels of silent, color, 16 mm film, totaling approximately 1700 feet. The films are primarily home movies shot by Rebecca Freethey Viall in Maine and Rhode Island. Includes scenes of birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, and family trips to the coast.

Hughes, Kim Collection

The collection contains [Allagash Trip 1960], one reel of 16 mm color, silent film. The amateur footage is of a canoe trip along the Allagash River in northern Maine. Two couples travel the Allagash filming shore scenery from the point of view of riding in the bow of a canoe. Scenes cover wildlife, fishing and

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Harmon, Carlene Collection

The collection consists of the [Carlene Harmon–home movies], made with a hand-held VHS camera. The videotapes, entitled “Family and Museum” include amateur footage of Harmon family members and of the East Orland Museum of Collectibles. The footage of the private museum represents informal documentation of local efforts to preserve history and documents the preservation effort.

Greer, Cora Collection

The collection consists of two VHS tapes from an oral history project conducted by Cora Greer. The tapes include interviews with Evelyn Carroll and Marion Bagley. The interview with Evelynn Carroll covers her childhood growing up in Machiasport, Maine, attending the Shaw School of Business (now Husson University), and her time teaching in Machiasport, Machias,

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Cartledge, Joan Collection

The Joan Cartledge Collection consists of 11 reels of amateur 8 mm and 35 reels of Super 8 film. The amateur films in the collection were shot by Joan Cartledge and document time spent as a missionary in Labrador, Canada, from 1972 to 1984. Also included is film of her travels throughout South America, Canada

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Mary Lu Lewis Collection

Womanist observer Mary Lu Lewis interviews Audre Lorde in her hotel room after the Broadside Press 10th Anniversary Celebration, 1975. Michelle Citron kibitzes from behind the camera and then, at Audre Lorde’s invitation, sits down and joins the conversation.

Jere Van Syoc Collection

Sculptor, painter, filmmaker and a founder of the legendary Aradia, Jere Van Syoc (1935-2018) shot Super 8 footage throughout her life as an artist and devotee of high play. She edited her footage into two finished films, the early “Lebisia” and the late “The Brothel, the Temple, and Art,” which she assembled from her footage

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Aradia Susan Wiseheart Collection

A 1/2″ open reel collection of concerts & playlets sponsored by Aradia, a womyn’s community that formed in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the 1970s and incorporated as an educational nonprofit in May 1977.  The collection includes two Alix Dobkin concerts and two Aradian plays.  The earliest Dobkin concert in the collection took place December 28, 1979,

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