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Williams, Zelma Collection

The collection consists of the [Cole & Williams — home movies], 12 reels of Super 8 film, totaling approximately 2560 feet, and 9 VHS tapes, shot by Emma Louise Cole and Zelma Williams, between 1968 and 1998.The films and videos are primarily home movies, including scenes of dogs, birthday parties, Christmas celebrations and family vacations.

Cartledge, Joan Collection

The Joan Cartledge Collection consists of 11 reels of amateur 8 mm and 35 reels of Super 8 film. The amateur films in the collection were shot by Joan Cartledge and document time spent as a missionary in Labrador, Canada, from 1972 to 1984. Also included is film of her travels throughout South America, Canada

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Sumner often traveled with friends, teammates , and her daughter to away games or on vacation after she gave up coaching — a story in itself — she worked as a travel agent for a number of years. These clips are highlights of early trips with teammates and her daughter.