[Marie and LeGrand Cannon III–home movies] Reel 37

[Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 37


Cannon, LeGrand Jr. Collection
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Can Description:
1963 Vac Reel 2
Viewing Notes:
Sign: ‘Visit, Old Abilene Museum.’ (Kansas) Shot of a reproduction of a log cabin. Wide shot of the buildings that make up the museum. Horses in a pen. Sign: ‘Great Western Cattle Co., Joseph G. McCoy, Founder, 1867 – 1872. The ‘Opera House Livery Stable.’ Shots of other historic buildings. Road sign: ‘Hamel 14, St. Louis 45.’ Road sign: ‘E. St. Louis 3, St. Louis 4.’ Road sign: ‘Thru Traffic. South, E. St. Louis. North, Granite City.’ Road sign: ‘St. Louis.’ Road sign: ‘Missouri Ave. Second St.’ Streets seen through a car window. Panning shot of a park. Shot of a cathedral. Road sign: ‘Kansas City Kans.’ Billboard: ‘Our Dreams are Coming True! We’re Building a Greater Kansas City, Kansas For You!’ Road sign: ‘Kansas Turnpike.’ Sign: ‘Kansas Historical Marker, The Capitols of Kansas.’ Shot of the dome of the Kansas State Capitol building, panning down to the steps. Lee and Lee IV walking in a park. Road sign: ‘Gage Blvd, W. Topeka.’ Road sign: ‘Junction City 56, Abilene 81.’ Sign: ‘Visit the Eisenhower Museum and Home.’ Road sign: ‘Abilene 11, Salina 34.’ Sign: ‘See historic Old Abilene Town, 5 Miles.’ Road sign: ‘Abilene, Clay Center Exit 1 Mile.’ Shots of the grounds of the Eisenhower Library. Sign: ‘Eisenhower Home, 1898 – 1946.’ Shot of the house. Sign: ‘Leaving Kansas, Come Again.’ Sign: ‘Welcome to Nebraska.’ Sign: ‘The New Lincoln Industrial Park.’ Shot of the Nebraska State Capitol building. Statue of an William Jennings Bryan on the steps of capitol. Shot of a large brick building. Road sign: Dodge St. Exit ½ Mile.’ A pillar with the sign: ‘Boys Town.’ Shot of a campus. Cut to a farm. Cows in a field. Shot of a church in Boys Town, NE. Panning shot of buildings and field. Sign: ‘Columban Fathers. Private Property.’ A campus of brick buildings. Close up of a building with the sign ‘The Columban Fathers.’ Road sign: ‘Iowa 370.’ Sign: ‘hello! We’re glad to have you in Iowa. Where Factory and Farm Share Prosperity. Iowa Development Commission.’ Road sign: ‘Des Moines Airport Exit 2 Miles.’ Road sign: West Davenport, Maysville.’ Sign: ‘Welcome to Davenport,’ with a building with ‘Maehr Hubbaro’ written on it in the background. Shot of an American flag in front of a bridge. Road sign: ‘Moline.’ Sign: ‘Welcome to Illinois.’ Road sign: ‘North Chicago.’ Road sign: ‘Tri-State South Indiana.’ Road sign: ‘Calumet Ave.’ Sign: ‘Sohio. Welcome to Ohio.’ Road sign: ‘Ohio Turnpike, Welcome.’ Road sign: ‘Erie. PA., Ashtabula, Cleveland.’ Road sign: ‘Erie Pa. 30.’ Sign: ‘Welcome to Pennsylvania.’ Road sign: ‘State Line 3, Buffalo 76.’ Road sign: ‘State Line Exit 1 Mile.’ Road sign: ‘Welcome to New York State Thruway.’ Sign in front of a restaurant: ‘Wishing Well, Cocktails – Fine Foods.’ Road sign: ‘Selkirk 1 ½ Miles, Berkshire Section Exit 21A 2 Miles.’ Road sign: ‘Berkshire Section Mass. Turnpike Exit 21A ½ Mile, Pittsfield – Boston.’ Driving through the Berkshires. Road sign: ‘Route 22, State Line, Keep Right.’ Road sign: ‘Mass Turnpike, New England.’ [End of Reel]

Kansas City, Kansas;Nebraska, USA;Iowa, USA;Illinois, USA;Ohio, USA;Massachusetts, USA
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