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[Margaret Cummings Bean–home movies] Reel 31

A farm field. People outdoors. People husking corn. Dark shots of people outdoors. A boy carrying a bottle. A person on horseback. Men getting into a car. A deer strapped to the hood of a car. A horse drawn sleigh. A snow plow. A farm field. [End of Reel]

[Margaret Cummings Bean–home movies] Reel 30

A man with a dead raccoon. A dog. A man tips his hat to the camera. A truck load of corn. An orchard. A tractor pulling a combine, mowing a field. Close up of a baby. Panning shot of the landscape. Horses in a field. Houses. A line of military trucks driving up a road.

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[Margaret Cummings Bean–home movies] Reel 28

A barn under construction. Lumber by a dirt road. Women holding a baby. People walking with a dog. Trees and houses filmed from a moving vehicle. A garden. A turtle in the garden. A baby walking outdoors. The baby playing with a lawn mower. A woman riding a bicycle with the baby in the basket.

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[Margaret Cummings Bean–home movies] Reel 33

People on a frozen lake. Dogs playing. A man with a fish. Three people outside an ice fishing shack. A man pulling a fish up through a hole in the ice. Men gathered around a fire, behind a brush wind screen. Ice fishing shacks and cars on the lake. Men seated around a fire. A

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[Margaret Cummings Bean–home movies] Reel 29

Cows in a field. A lake. People swimming. Close up of a woman. A dog with puppies. A pony drawn wagon. Two children and a dog seated in the wagon. Two people on horseback. Two children on bicycles. Two people in front of a house. A horse. [End of Reel]

[Margaret Cummings Bean–home movies] Reel 26

A man painting a house. People outdoors. A lake. A car parked in field. Sunset. People at a picnic. People outdoors. A girl carrying a tea tray. A boy on a tricycle. Children playing. Houses on the shore of a lake. Close up of a girl. Light through the trees. (Tinted red.) [End of Reel]Other’Pinnacle

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[Margaret Cummings Bean–home movies] Reel 24

An ice boat on a frozen lake. Cars parked outside a house. A snow plow. Shots of the house. People jacking up a house. People walking up a road. Sweeping off rugs spread on the grass. Two men playing leap frog. A woman (Aunty Elliot?) reading. Indoor scene. A woman holding a baby. Men burning

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[Margaret Cummings Bean–home movies] Reel 21

A snapping turtle. A car driving in loops. A group of men pose in front of a hanging deer. A man with a camera. Shots of various men. Dragging the deer down the front steps and loading them into a truck. People getting into a car. A person on the roof of a house. A

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