[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 91

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 91

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
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NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 91: 00:01. Toddler walks forward carrying kiddiecar. Little girl pedals tricycle near garage. She pedals trike backwards. Boy walks along with kiddiecar between legs. Girl nearly falls off of trike as she pedals forward. She pedals backward once more. Boy wears puzzled expression while sitting on kiddiecar. Girl pedals forward again. 01:00. Boy carries kiddiecar up to garage door. Girl goes forward. Astride kiddiecar, boy observes. Little girl pedals backward to garage door as boy follows her. He walks with kiddiecar between his legs. He walks forward as girl pedals trike forward. CU plant growing. Appears to be tulip. Older man washes windows of home with brush on extended pole. Shot tracks downward to sawhorse man is standing on. 02:02. He dips brush in bucket. Washes window. Using squeegee, he wipes water from window. Trailer hitched to back of truck motors down road. Back of trailer-home. Two women, man walk by shrubbery adjacent to home. Vines ascend small portico over doorway. Two men, woman stand in doorway of stone building. Louvers crown open doorway. Names of states, abbreviated, are carved on arch of doorway. 03:02. CUs of the three as they walk forward. Man near trees. Grove trees. Man attaches American flag to its stand on home. Woman appears and salutes flag. CU American flag. Shot tracks down to woman as she touches pole. American flag. Trees, blue sky in background. 04:02. Four people on pathway. Man ignites firecracker, pyrotechnical item. Smoke therefrom. Group people watch smoke. Older man ignites cigarette. He examines item he's removed from pocket. With help of woman, children emerge from car. Little girl has dog under her arm. Mother has little boy in harness. Children sitting in boat as it skims over water. Girl holds doll. Man holds flag. 05:00. He places it in stand on side of home. Children look on. Toddler boy crawling. He stands, looks up. Two men, woman painting side of home. Just around the corner, man is painting door. Row of doors open. Other people nearby participate in work. Individual doors being painted. Harbor surface adjacent to building. 06:04. Pan. of door-painters. Pan. of clapboard painters. Home on shoreline. Boat with passengers drifts by. Home with stonewall near shoreline. Water surface. Shoreline home and stonewall. Tractor near stonewall. Slow pan. general area, telephone poles, other buildings. American flag appending from boat. Birch trees in wood. 07:27. Trees. Fenced enclosure. May be tennis court. Little girl uses tire-like device for float in water. She wafts short distance, rises. She joins group lying on beach. 08:06. She places item in woman's hand. Dog runs up beach. Older man watches little girl as she wades in water. Two older men, woman wade into water. Wash their legs with water. Woman swimming in water. Older man joins her. Woman swims backward as man swims forward. 09:01. Little girl, wearing her glasses and bathing attire, looks mature. She carries items in hands, under her arm. Shadowy, silhouette shot. Woman lifts little boy up. Tranquil water surface, tree branches. Building on shore has church-like aspect. Two men lift on boat on dock. Pan. of dock, pickup truck, men on dock. 10:06. Crane machinery on dock. Pan. dock, solitary pleasure craft. Three men on dock. Shirtless man crouches. One works while buddy looks on. The men move to other dock area. Man wafts up and down to test sturdiness of section. Man holds end of plank steady as buddy saws opposite end with mechanical saw. Track shot crane with its pulleys. 11:00. Dock, railing, supporting posts in water. Silhouette trees. Boat adrift on water. Better lit shot trees. Drifting boat. Silhouette of cannon-like object, trees, water surface. 12:01. Older man, buddy carries suitcases. Luggage on porch of home. Older man arranges luggage, various items at foot of porch. Side of boat, pleasure craft, dock area. Water surface in motion, gangway, trees, shoreline building. Man stands on dock under sign: 'Private. Isle of Springs Assn.' Workman walks down gangway. Side of building. Boats on ground nearby. Pan. of boats, immediate area. 13:03. Road, trees, houses in back. Younger, older man talking. Road, grass, telephone poles of area. Shadowy shots. Woman wheeling baby carriage in area adjacent to car. Little girl stands near carriage. She wheels carriage forward. Man lifts carriage, other items into tailgate of car. 14:02. Woman, youngster in snowsuit walk across street. Winter. They walk up path of home. Woman has Christmas present in bag. (Color a little faded in these shots.) Woman emerges from car. Two youngsters walk ahead of her on path. Man removes wicker basket laden with items from tailgate of car. Three youngsters sitting by Christmas tree. Youngster has package undone with abundance of ribbon. 15:05. Boy opens package. Drops on floor. Older man in chair opens his present. Man outside of garage operates snowblower. Intense snowblowing. Ox pulling wagon. Appears to be historically-reconstructed area. 16:00. Palm trees. Cathedral. Fine, exquisitely domed building. Resembles Taj Mahal. Cross on dome. It is a Pentecostal Church. We are in Florida. Sign states: 'Ponce De Leon Hotel'. Palm trees. Red-tiled roofed buildings. Trees. American flag, others waving beside it. Buildings with arched porticoes. Middle eastern appearance. Group of people assembled at outdoor table. Pov. car ride through area. Trees. Buildings. Bare tree. Woman stands beside sign which says: 'Best Way to St. Augustine'. 17:07. We are under water with scuba divers and variegated marine life. Fish, seahorse, swimmer. Blue-tinted photography. Man swims forward with his diving tank, frogman flippers on his feet. Woman rides astride giant artificial seahorse. Lots of fizz, bubbles in water. Woman holds other person aloft as she swims.(End Reel 91.)
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Isle of Springs, Maine;St. Augustine, Florida
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