[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 3

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 3

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
Original Format:
400 ft
Can Description:
3. Aug-Nov 18th, 1928--Agaro, boat races, clam bake, Chrysler, Kiwanis golf, cement driveway, races [loeequalvie].
Viewing Notes:
NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 3, 6/1/99, JS: (32:49) Toddler has man's hat on head. He removes hat and places it first on elderly man's head then on woman's head. 33:06. Man stands on deck of pleasure craft as it skims atop water surface. Woman sits on floor of bow. Woman carefully pushes toddler in carriage down wharf gangway. Together woman and man lift toddler in carriage into boat. 33:33. Picnic. People assembled at long table. Man ladles soup from kettle which he carries. Man uses pitchfork to lift seaweed. Clambake. 34:55. Men playing tennis on court. 35:35. Boat skims rapidly over surface. Shoreline buildings. 36:03. Three people in rowboat. All wear white, white helmets. 36:31. Toddler stands near large window of home. He nears protective child gate in room. Toddler stands in wooden box. He has large string of beads around his neck. Toddler on porch with woman. She takes string of beads from him. Toddler walking. 38:14. Men at cross-cut saw in woods. 38:43. Porch of home with line of windows. Toddler peers out of window. 39:14. Two men and horse in woods. As horse drags two tree trunks, other man walks behind. 39:40. Trees, buildings of opposite shoreline. Rigging of boat. Sailboat with masts. Sails are furled. Man stands near mast. Pleasure craft with many triangular flags strung above its deck. 'CC-279' is painted on side. American flag flies from stern. 40:36. Toddler in garden, playpen, on porch. Woman emerges from car. Hand in hand, woman and toddler walk in yard. Man by door of home. He wears apron such as carpenters or blacksmiths wear. 42:21. Exterior of garage. Man drives convertible. Possibly touring car of the time when film was taken. Woman climbs into rumble seat of touring car. 43:10. Toddler stands against bars of playpen which is outside. 43:23. Three men playing golf wearing knickers or proper golf clothing of time. 45:06. Group of golfers play football. 46:03. Silhouette. Race track. Jockeys in horse-drawn sulkies. 46:45. Yard of home. Open car is driven by man on lawn. He is smoking pipe. Man and toddler in front seat. Woman arrives and sits in front seat. Another woman approaches. She walks up side of back and climbs into the rumble seat. As car drives away, woman waves from rumble seat. 48:18. Men doing construction work at side of street. Men dig with shovel. Machinery is also in operation. 48:27. Toddler in playpen on lawn adjacent to construction site. Toddler places cardboard box on head and removes it. 49:33. Two men crouch down using trowels to smooth newly-poured concrete. Toddler sits in open carriage watching construction-site activities. Two school girls, books under arms, walk down sidewalk. African-American man walks along carrying shovel. (End Reel 3)
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Maine, USA
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