[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 38

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 38

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
Original Format:
B&W and Color
400 ft
Can Description:
38. 1936--May 1st--Cunard pier, Jimmy sailing (Kodachrome), May 2, Mrs. George's garden, May 3, Mother's Day in garden (Kodachrome), Ellen swinging San (Kodachrome), May 10, garden, Ellen and kids, May 1[?], Laura James party, May 15, our garden and San, May 20, San washing and ironing (Bam's), Jun 11, Beldon's and Les at West Point, June 11, more West Point (pan Eastman), June 20, Seabright, June 22, bike going, June 26, last day nursery school, June 25, Bee in flower garden (Kodachrome).
Viewing Notes:
NHF cataloguer's notes:Bogart. Reel 38. Exterior of building. Cars. We are on quick point-of-view ride. People in street. Dark building interior. Appears to be church. 19:41. Quick pan. of ship's deck. Inner tube states that it is the: 'Carinthia Liverpool.' (RMS Carinthia, part of the Cunard White Star Line, built 1925, sunk 1940) Goods in heavy net lowered on deck. Three men on deck. Boy steps over railing. (Film is a bit faded, overexposed in these shots.) Boy skips, jumps along in deck chair area. Jumps over 'deck' hurdles. Ropes, rigging, machinery of deck. Woman. Passengers leaning against rail. Deck scene framed by view through window. Bow of ship slowly starting voyage. Passengers on deck. Upper reaches of ship with lifeboats. Passengers wave as they lean on railings. Ship's smokestack. Ship's deck with ropes, railings. 21:29. Tugboat beside ship. (Photography has now become normal again.) Low-lying foliage. Two women walking in area. Row wooden ducks. Fence. Vines. Woman leans over. Foliage, flowers. Woman points to flower for other woman. Flowers, trees, well-kept foliage. Arbor. Lawn. Lawn chairs. Flowers gently wafted by breeze. Flowering bushes. Woman holds branch of flowers as she sniffs bloom. More foliage. Walkway in garden. Camera scans walkway. Flowers, foliage at side. Two women walking. Trees. (Photography has become overexposed, faded here.) Four women. 23:31. (Photography has become vivid, normal.) Boy, girl, and woman emerge from home. Little girl swings. Swing is in garden. Boy flies toy plane. Woman points to foliage for girl and boy. Trellis, foliage. Little girl resumes swinging. Woman clad in apron gives her a push. Girl joins woman, boy at side of house. Children in yard. Girl has doll carriage. Group of little girls. One walks forward. One girl has book. Girl pushes carriage forward. Three little girls and woman emerge from home. Two little girls have paper bags. One thrusts hers forward. Two little girls walk amidst tulips. They walk in yard. Foliage in trellis area. Little girl walks in area. She crouches over, rises, waves, holds paper bag aloft. Runs away. Foliage. Pointed-leafed plants. Left pan of other foliage in area. Quick shot of girl pedaling tricycle. 26:45. Little girl has toy washing machine in yard. She turns handle and removes small garment to show little boy. She wrings out item as crouched boy watches. 27:21. Man, boy by separate parked cars. Door of each car is opened. Truck goes down street. Woman and another man emerge from car. Trees, ivy-covered building in background. Cadets smartly lined up. Spectators watch from side. Three women walk by. Cadet flag bearer and accompanists. Flag bearer raises flag aloft as he stands before statue. Cadet marching band. Group of men walking. Two have canes. Field. Surveying instrument at side. Cadets in immediate distance. Man beside movie camera points. Cadet marching band goes forward. Other cadets march forward. Entire cadet company now marches. Tree trunk, spectators at side of field. Individual groups marching cadets. 30:16. Side view of cadets as they bear rifles on shoulders. Officer talking with civilian man. Man with hand-held movie camera. Group of civilian men. Statue, trees, women. Two women. One points. Little boy joins the women. Obese man in straw hat. City. Castle-like building may be factory. Smoke ascends from chimney. Building complex. Academic or military. Cathedral-like building. American flag on pole amongst trees. Right pan. area with well-manicured trees and well-kept grounds. 31:29. Crowd of spectators. Trees. Little boy and girl. Two stand side by side. Woman walks along with purse. Cigarette-smoking man follows behind. 32:03. Woman in bathing suit wades in water, goes for swim. Other woman follows her, does same. Wharf, buildings on immediate waterfront. Rippling water surface. Little boy. Two women emerge from swimming. Resume swimming. One is hesitant. Swims a little way and rises. Leaving wake, pleasure boat skims over water. Young man mounts motorcycle. He hauls bicycle mounted on platform behind. Dog wagging tail appears. Little girl at exterior of house. Children, women on field, recreational area. Two women with group children. Children sit on ground. More of same. 34:40. Children rise from ground. Woman points. Children run into whitened area in field. Woman. Two bicyclers. Woman. Group children walk forward. Boy and girl holding hands. Children at drinking fountain attached to wooden column. Boy turns handle for each child drinking. 35:55.(Film is now light sepia.) Children outside. They wear paper costumes. Boy waves paper pom-poms. Girl runs about with cloak spread out behind her. Child hops about in rabbit imitation. Child in black and white stripes runs about. Girl in paper head dress. Other children also wear paper head dresses. (There is a dark space here. It may or may not be the end of the reel.) 37:43. Girl, boy, woman emerge from home. They walk down path of home. (Shot contains impediment? which looks like white rolls of paper unfolding.) (Definite end of Reel 38.)
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New York City, New York;West Point, New York;Sea Bright, New Jersey
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