[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 88

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 88

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
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NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 88: 00:08. Children with assorted vehicles. One has kiddiecar. The other a tricycle. Sign: 'David Grant, Electrical Contractor.' Items lying in yard. Look to be wire coils. Man climbs ladder at side of house. Bushes, tree branches at side of home. Flowers, sidewalk. 01:05. Two men shake hands. Other man appears to be weeding garden. Man ignites firecracker on rock. Former explodes! Circularly arranged rocks, low-lying foliage. Lake surface. Telephone pole, shoreline trees. 02:02. Man, woman at wooden table adjacent to home. Family assembled on steps of porch and on porch. Man ignites outside fire. Man removes fish from wrapping. This is a barbecue. Man cuts, filet fish. Places fish in small kettle. 03:01. Woman on porch attaches triangular flag to long pole. Man holds curious flag aloft. It is composed of white, sectioned cloth. Man is trying to adjust ultralong pole. 04:11. Finally, he ties pole to porch spindle. Document being held aloft. Diploma, perhaps. Flag flying from porch. Tree, foliage in yard. Ladies, man in yard. Man wears work gloves. 05:03. Other man operates planing saw. Various kinds of work going on. Wooden walkway being built. Carpentry continues. Woman carries planks. Two women varnishing walkway. Nails being pounded into walkway boards. Crouching boy hammers nail into walkway. 06:09. Pan. of water surface. Varied water craft, wharf, boathouses. Men on wharf. Man helps woman out of boat. Passenger-laden motorboat lands at dock. Passengers disembark. Ascend walkway. Adolescent boy sitting in boat. Bow of boat as it drifts to opposite shore. 07:12. Dog, two boys, man at water's edge. Two men lift tree trunk out of water. Dog, two men in water. Man hurls stick out in water for dog to secure. Dog returns stick. Older man jumps into water for swim. Woman, little boy sit on rock. Little boy waves. Man, little boy in shrubbery area. Man clips bush. 08:05. Woman, little boy hang out wash on line near home. Boy points outward while talking to woman. Man, woman walk down path. Boy in front twiddles with string. Family group walking down path. Woman has tennis racquet. Family assembled on porch and porch steps. 09:01. Pleasure boat skims lake surface. Small boat trails behind. Crowd assembled on wharf. Some descend gangway. Captain in window of pleasure boat, the 'Argo'. Crowd on wharf. Someone raises leg into air. People standing in area. Lawn chair. Man smokes cigarette. Woman with camera smiles. Boats with surfers affixed begin skimming water surface. 10:00. Passenger-laden pleasure craft passes by dock spectators. Trees of shoreline. Narrow section of water. Pan. of horizon. Sunset. Golden clouds, sky. Silhouette of water surface, trees, lighthouse of opposite shore from dock. Silhouette of trees. Varicolored clouds in sky. Group assembled for picnic. Many sit on ground. 11:05. Pan. of group. Two men. One reaches into pocket. Woman in lawn chair shields eyes from light. Men. Little boy waves. 12:01. Two men shake hands. Wooded area. Man fells tree. Tennis court. Boy, man having game of tennis. Group aboard pleasure craft. Man holds toddler in arms. Boat docks. Girl toddler is lifted out of boat. Two women kiss. 13:01. Woman wheels infant in carriage. Woman, man with suitcase follows. Woman wheels carriage as other people walk beside her along gangway. Little boy, woman with straw bag. Woman adjusts infant in carriage. Ladies on wharf. Man on boat. Woman with infant in arms sits in stern of boat. (Color in this part of film just a bit faded.) Woman with infant waves as older woman sits beside her. 14:01. Man holds life-jacketed infant aloft in arms. Infant supply, utility carrier. Porch of home. Family having meal. Infant in highchair. Dock, landing area, boathouses, general marine area. Slowly, boat backs out from dock. Woman hangs wash on line hung across porch. 15:03. Wash mostly towels, diapers. She smiles, waves. Man crouches down in water. Infant in bathing suit stands in front of man. He wafts infant up and down in water, dipping her feet in water. Older man swims away. Man watches infant as she stands in water. He swings her gently, making sure that her feet touch the water. Woman watches as man skims infant along in water on her posterior. 6:00. (Cataloguer now graduates infant to toddler.) Toddler walks along in water. 16:00. Toddler falls into water. Woman rescues her. 16:02. Woman wheels baby carriage in yard. Toddler runs ahead. Man wheels carriage along. Mosquito netting draped across exterior. Older woman with toddler in arms. Toddler stands beside younger woman, likely her mother. Woman waves. People disembark from boat. 17:00. Ascend gangway. Man holds toddler in arms. Man carefully wheels baby carriage down gangway. Two men carefully place carriage in boat. Passengers in boat. Man caresses toddler's hair. Man ascend yard carrying luggage. Older man wheels baby carriage up yard. Man wheels golf clubs along on wheels.
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