[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 39

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 39

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
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375 ft
Can Description:
39. 1936--Jul 4, flag salute, crackers, cleaning up, Jul 5, girl scout camp (Kodachrome), July 10, 'Ice Cold Root Beer,' Jul 11, in lawn sprinkler, Jul 14, Providence (Bams), Jul 14, Ogunquit lobster pond, Jul 15, arriving island, Jul 17, Tom's club house (Eastman), Aug 1, going to boat, Aug 2, moon, (Kodachrome), Aug 3, ice and San hammering, Aug 5, picnic at club house, Aug 7, watering flowers, Aug 24, clam bake.
Viewing Notes:
Shots of the family in the yard. A boy raises a flag. A man sets off fireworks. The family salutes the flag. A little girl playing with a stick. The man and boy set off fireworks. Adults and children setting off firecrackers. The children sweeping up debris. A woman playing a bugle in a field while a little girl watches. The little girl runs through the field and a woman picks her up. A group of people in the field. People in a swimming area marked by buoys. Women in swimsuits and swim caps. Two women, a boy and girl walking on the beach. Sign: ‘CAMP KALMIA, CARS NOT TO PASS THIS POINT’. (Camp Kalmia was a Girl Scout camp on Lake Genevieve, New Jersey, from 1927 to 1970) Boy and girl walking down a path in the woods. A horse drawn carriage. Boys with a wagon on the sidewalk. They are joined by two girls. One boy ladles something out of a pot in the wagon. A boy holds up a glass of something (root beer?) to the camera. Children running through a sprinkler. A girl and a boy getting out of a car. A restaurant with the signs: ‘The Cottage Kitchen ‘For Good food”’. Houses filmed from a moving car. Children in an outdoor playpen. A woman and children walking around the yard. A little girl swinging on a tree branch. Various shots of adults and children outdoors. An outdoor picnic. The parking lot of a large building. US and Swedish flags hanging from a building. People standing around the doorway. Shot of the roof and weather vane. Unloading packages from a car. Stepping from a boat to the dock. A man cutting weeds with a scythe. A man and a boy moving a large chest. A little girl pushing a wheelbarrow. A man and two boys building a structure. (Club house) Children walking down a path. A little girl on a dock. A woman steering a motorboat. A little girl pouring water from a jar on the front steps. A man and a boy unload a wheelbarrow from a truck, then lift down a block of ice. A little girl playing with a hammer on the porch. Children carrying a picnic basket pose for the camera. A picnic on a wooden platform in the woods. A woman and a boy carrying a picnic basket. A boy watering ferns. A group of people by the shore. People eating at a long outdoor table. A boy carries a tray of clams. [End of Reel]
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Lake Genevieve, New Jersey;Providence, Rhode Island;Ogunquit, Maine
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