[Emma Louise Cole — home movies] Reel 1

[Emma Louise Cole -- home movies] Reel 1


Williams, Zelma Collection
circa 1969
Original Format:
Can Description:
F-82027549-3 Item 3;IR 82027[illegible]
Viewing Notes:
Shots of a house and backyard. A garden. A man sitting on the steps. Shots of dogs. A horse and a donkey. A woman feeding the horse, while a dog is tied to a fence. A woman feeding a swan. A jack-o-lantern. Shots of rooms in a house. Flowers. A dog. Indoor scenes. A girl exiting the house, covering her face with a book. People feeding a horse. A girl feeding a donkey. Scene too dark to see. A woman and a cat in a kitchen. A man and a child sitting on a couch. Children playing. A man and a woman in the kitchen. People seated around a table, eating. A girl and a dog sitting in front of a television. A person on the beach. Buildings on the shore. People seated around a table, one woman holding a cat. Children seated around a table. A child playing with a dog in the snow. The dog indoors. People on the couch. A Christmas tree and other decorations. A girl seated on a bed with a dog. Dark shot of a Christmas tree. Two children playing with a toy train. A boy on a rocking horse. Children and a dog in front of a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree in the dark. A man, a child, and a dog howling and playing. A cat next to Christmas gifts. Adults and children opening gifts. People trying on clothes. A woman vacuuming. Children in a bedroom. A man and a girl playing with a toy car race track. Children seated on a couch, coloring. People with Christmas gifts. A girl holding a cat. Adults and children pose for the camera. A woman helping a boy change his shirt. The boy playing with a toy robot, while adults watch. The boy playing with a toy helicopter. Children and a dog playing with a toy train. People seated around a living room. Christmas cards pinned to the wall. Close up of a sign: ‘A Time to Remember’. A baby on a blanket. A toddler and a dog sitting next to the baby on a bed. A child sleeping. He wakes up and waves to the camera. The two children, the dog and the baby on a bed. Children swinging from a laundry line. Bouquets of flowers. Shots of flowering trees on the street. Two women and two young girls outdoors. A ship sailing past a pier. People on the beach. A flowering tree. A girl waving at the camera. Girls in tin foil crowns, one waving a wand at the camera. Two girls washing doll clothes in a basin and hanging them on the laundry line. Shots of a TV screen, showing the moon landing, ‘Live from the Moon’. [End of Reel]
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Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA
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