[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 59

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 59

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
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350 ft
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NHF Cataloguer's notes for reel 59. Woman on porch. Woman sits in chair. Other woman combs her hair while friend sitting on rail of porch looks on. 18:01. Woman tending to another's hair. Woman in chair looks as if she had just been given permanent. Both women laugh. Two women emerge from home. Man follows from door. Older bald man carrying two suitcases descends steps of home. Trees. Highway. Lodging sign. Man sits in lawn chair on porch. He scratches his fingers. He is formally dressed. He summons cat. Woman sitting on porch. She is drinking from goblet-cocktail like glass. 19:01. Man, woman standing on pier. Pickup truck parked nearby. The couple walk forward. Boat ride over water surface. Side of boat with rope visible. Other boats adjacent to shoreline. Evergreens of shoreline. Upper rigging of boat silhouetted against horizon. Boat near shoreline. Shrubbery, flowers, lamppost on shore visible. Surface of water, gull. Industrial boat. Could be a dredger. 20:03. Two men, woman walking along dock. Two men, woman walk along beach. Older man walks behind. He waves. Two men walk along beach. Enter water for swim. Their quick dip over, they emerge from water. Woman runs down beach. Dives into water for swim. 21:05. Older man doing free-hand, aerobic exercises on beach. Two younger men exercise also. They do leaping exercises. Older man dances gracefully around on sand. Woman who has been watching him smiles. He sits beside her. She laughs. Woman, man lying on beach blanket. Man waves. Boat skimming over surface of water. Two men raise woman aloft between them and swing her back and forth. Swinging continues, but men finally release woman. Woman, wearing only towel, strikes 'pin-up or cheesecake' pose on beach. 22:00. She removes towel to reveal that she IS wearing a bathing suit! She spreads beach towel down. She dances about in comic manner. Two men look on. Woman sitting on large beach boulder. Shielding her eyes, she looks into distance. Tennis players on court. Group on pier. Boat with group of passengers starts its journey. Man surfer starts journey by falling down into water! He starts again. Falls again. Other man stands on his shoulders. They take third spill. 23:01. Boat on water. Surfers not yet successful. People standing on pier. Man adjusts water skis. Boat at pier. Passengers emerge. Man sitting on pier dangles feet in water. Boat embarks. Man dives off of pier for swim. Water surface. Boat relands at pier. Embarks once again. Man, attempting to surf, falls off of skis head first into water. Crouching down on knees on water skis, second attempt is successful. Falls into water on third start. Man swimming near pier. Woman walks down pier. Surface of water dominates shot. 24:03. Boat comes into pier. On exchange of passengers, reembarks. While standing, man walks about in stern area of boat. Woman surfer embarks from pier. Two swimmers skim past each other. Woman surfer embarks. Falls into water. 25:05. In sitting position, woman surfer embarks from pier edge. A success, both she and boat create wake while rounding corner on water. Water surface with wake, boat, surfer. Water surface, trees along shoreline. Boat drives past as boy watches from pier. Man stands up as boat nears pier.;Two men walking down path adjacent to home, carry wicker picnic basket between them. Woman, man follow behind. Man makes gesture with object as if he is going to hit woman. All in good fun! Woman,wearing sunglasses, on path waves.;Toddler sitting on beach, a ribbon in her hair. Young woman has plate of clamshells in her hand. Men crouched down on beach. Look to be removing clams from shells. 26:00. Woman, in group, looks up. Left-tracking pan. of clambake group on beach. Man, smoking cigarette, secures broth in small pan. Group enjoying clams, just relaxing. Woman walks forward with cup. Man looks up. Steam from cooking clams rises. Group assembled around canner where clams are steamed. Man carrying bushel basket. Another carrying paper bag. Toddler joins group.;Two men wheel wheelbarrow along near home. Foliage, latticed lower porch of home. 27:02. Portion of lattice is lowered so that chopped wood can be stored beneath porch. The men throw wood beneath porch. Tennis match in progress on court. Appears to be three men playing. One man wears just white shorts. Elderly woman runs up to man. The couple embrace. She pats back of man's head.;Family group in small motor or rowboat. 28:03. Camera scans group. Young man leans over in bow of boat. Family group walks in area where two cars are parked. Field or meadow. Evergreen trees in background. Four of group sit on boulders extending into ocean. Surf, tide is coming in. Man leaves, but another replaces him. Quick shot young woman smiling. Surf, waves pounding against shoreline rocks. (Cataloguer suggests that this is Bar Harbor, Maine.) Lighthouse with adjacent living quarters. Right-tracking pan. of immediate area. Flagpole. Evergreen trees. Two men stand on porch overhanging roof. They are working around window. One man shuts window and walks forward. 29:04. Buddy follows him. Man crawls through window on other side of overhang. Woman emerges from home. She carries wooden produce box. Family group convened on porch, steps of home. Some snacking.;Water surface. Man walks down gangway. Others descend. Group embarks on boat. Shoreline buildings consisting mainly of lighthouse and adjacent building. Sky, clouds on horizon. Small pleasure boat with but two passengers skim water surface. 30:02. Passengers are two men. One man disembarks at pier. Woman replaces him. Man takes woman by hand, having helped her into boat. Two men, woman in boat. Boy walks forward. Boat starts excursion. Boat ride over water. We move to right. Boathouse on shoreline with protective porch railing. Gangway extending into water. Woman smiles while seated in boat. Boy, man in same boat. Woman leans back, smiles. Dock, nautical pattern in center wood of pier. 31:02. People disembark from boat. Man, woman carry luggage. They walk up pier. Man wears sunglasses. License plate on back of car. Man backs car out of garage. Coup'e car. Door open. Woman standing at foot of steps of home. She carries suitcase, item of clothing over opposite arm. She hefts small case as if it were heavy. Shadowy shot. Several parked cars. Trees nearby. Two women walk along. Cars on highway. This looks to be parking area for cars. Two women on thoroughfare. They greet two other women who descend steps. 32:04. Formally dressed man walks along. Two women shake hands as third woman looks on. Buildings, well-kept lawn in background. Sign 'Wilmarth House.' Two women, man removing luggage from trunk of car. Woman carries box. Ladies walk along in this area. Woman in sweater gives brief wave. Car backs out of garage. Car parked outside of garage. 33:05. Woman drives car away. Woman stops car and waves. Woman, man stand by foliage, trees. They walk forward. They stand side by side. Walking away, they give backward glance. Car parked at side of home. Trunk lid raised. 34:02. Woman wearing small white hat or large flower in hair. Woman appears on porch. Man, two women in parked car area. Older man carries garments, umbrella. Older, middle-aged man walk in area. Football game in progress. Coach or referee walks on field. Players seated at field edge. Spectators in bleachers. Marching band enters field. Majorettes march before another band whose members wear a different uniform from the first. Servicemen bearing flags march along. Majorette twirls her baton. Performs intricate gymnastics with the same. Other majorettes twirl batons. Put on impressive display. Trees in flower. 35:06. Quick pan. of floral trees. Parked cars. People walk on adjacent path. People walk on path. Approach car. Stone column, gateway bespeaking entrance to grounds of higher education facilities. Man holds car door as woman enters. Front of car which has been severely damaged. Fender, grillwork, general damage. More views of damaged car. Side of car. (End of Reel 59.)
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Bar Harbor, Maine
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