[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 37

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 37

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
Original Format:
B&W and Color
400 ft
Can Description:
37. 1936--Feb 2, skating, Feb 9, snow man, Feb 11, San and snowman's hat, Feb 15, on Robert's toboggan, Apr 19, new Dodge, Apr 20, on swing, Apr 22, Tom planting potatoes, kids on swing, Apr 25, Budd Lake, Apr 26, flying kite, Apr 28, San to school on birthday, at work table and giving out favors, birthday at home, G. Walsh, cake with candles.
Viewing Notes:
NHF cataloguer's notes:Bogart. Reel 37. 00:02. Children playing in snowbank by garage. One slides down snowbank. Children enter coupe car. Point-of-view ride down highway in car. Snow at road sides, bare trees. Boy emerges from car with load in arms. Other boy has toy airplane. Man emerges from car. Man carries ice skates. Boys, man emerge from building. Boys walk across snow as man watches. As man skates on snow, boy takes him by hand. The two carefully walk across snow on their skates. Group of skaters on ice and snow. Skater falls. Man takes boy by hand. Other boy tries to keep balance at side. Smaller boy walks carefully on snow. As he is about to fall, man catches him by both hands. Man and boy skate along as man holds boy's hands. 02:19. Man and boys emerge from car. Man puts stick through center of snowman. Man places hat and uses pieces of coal to form face on snowman. Boys watch. Man smooths snowman's face. Boys watch as man adjusts stick in snowman. Sides of stick are covered with snow. Boy adds snow to snowman's hand. Boy places hat on snowman. 03:54. Man shoveling snow. Boy shovels snow. Two boys on small toboggan descend hill. They smile and rise from toboggan. Man shoveling snow. Boys haul toboggan atop snow fort. Man helps boys position toboggan on snow fort. Three boys descend fort aboard toboggan. Small boy in snowsuit. 04:38. Wearing large white ribbon on her head, girl emerges from home. Smaller girl, woman follow behind. Smaller girl dances. She is joined by boy and other girl. Older girl has ball which she bounces and passes through her legs. She is performing gymnastics with ball as other girl and boy watch. 05:11. Boy rides down sidewalk on bicycle. Other boy runs beside him on grass. Car comes down street. Girl at top of brick steps. She jumps down at side. Boy on bicycle pedals bike from sidewalk across road. Little girl walks across lawn. Boy closes garage door and walks across driveway. Car backs up in driveway. Boy enters car as girl and woman approach. Boy holds back door of car open as woman enters. Woman waves as she enters front seat. 06:33. Boy holds tricycle as girl mounts seat. He sits on handlebars. He pedals trike forward. Fence, trellis in yard. He pedals trike in driveway area. Girl smiles as she holds handlebars. With folded arms, boy continues to pedal. 07:16. Using box to mount trapeze bar of home gym, girl swings on bar. Boy watches. He then, after girl leaves, mounts bar and hangs upside down from knees. He claps his hands and moves arms in that position. He dismounts, but now inverts himself by grasping rings at side of gym structure. He dismounts and grasps bar of structure. Girl swings on trapeze bar as woman watches from behind. Boy climbs to swing atop gym structure. He turns somersault on upper bar of structure. He sits upright on swing. He applauds as girl watches. 08:28. Girl emerges from sandbox in yard. She and boy grasp bushel basket and carry it across yard. They sit basket down and add something to it from ground. They carry it forward. 08:51. Boy digs in garden frame. Girl retrieves object from ground and holds it aloft. Boy continues digging. Boy carries basket across yard. Girl carries briefcase. Man carrying box. Girl opens back door of car and enters. Boy in there closes door. Woman enters car. 09:53. Water surface. Shoreline mountain range. Bare trees along shoreline. Woman, man on top steps of home. Two men. Quick point-of-view across countryside, trees. Woman emerges from car. She holds door open as boy and girl emerge. Boy makes quick face. He carries blanket woman removes from car trunk. Girl helps with luggage. Man carries basket. Boy, woman, man, girl at exterior of home. Woman opens tall box and hands boy and girl sandwiches, thermos, items for picnic. Man sits with them eating. Girl holds two small items aloft and then places them in her mouth. Boy eats as man watches. 11:48. Man and boy play catch as girl watches at side. Girl catches ball. Boy throws rock into brook. Man crouched down digging with trowel. Boy on saddled horse. Uniformed man helps him. Uniformed man mounts his horse. The two ride side by side. Trees, stone building in background. They ride across field. 13:10. Boy dismounts from saddle of horse. He smiles. Hands in pockets, he walks forward. Boy, girl, man emerge from house. Man carries large, home-made paper airplane. The airplane flies about expertly. It is attached to long string. Boy sends it aloft. 13:48. (Film now is in color.) Girl emerges from home. Garment over arm, she walks backwards toward car. Woman and group of children seated at table. (Cataloguer's note: This part of film is not in full color, but in a sepia-like tone.) Little girl smiles as she tries to open box. Children playing in sandbox. Woman watches from side. Boy dressed as cowboy. He has long stick. Girl carries homemade toy. Looks to be constructed of wood and small plastic boxes. Group of children. Woman hands girl small item. Small items distributed to all children. Girl holds small item aloft. Woman, children with their gifts. 16:01. (Film returns to black and white.) Little girl stands at door of home. She places coat on wooden chair. She puts it on. Enters house. Man emerges from coup'e car. Woman emerges. She hands paper item, magazine or book to little girl. The three walk across yard. Girl unwraps gift on floor, removes card. She opens box and removes dress. 17:04. Set table, birthday cake, napkins, silver. Girl sits at table. After several tries, she blows out cake candles. Woman places bib on girl. With some difficulty, girl cuts cake. Man helps from behind. Boy uses pie server to cut 'brick' ice cream. He halves slice. Girl cutting cake. Places slice on plate. Man takes this. 19:02. Girl and boy sitting in yard drink from glasses.
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Budd Lake, New Jersey
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