[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 27

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 27

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
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400 ft
Can Description:
27. Isle of Springs 1933, Aug 19, San with pail at beach, Aug 20, Harwoods and Stebbins, Aug 21, Abbotts and our trip, Aug 25, clam bake, Aug 27, beach, Aug 30, [airplane] ride, Sept 27, South Orange, San in cowboy things, Oct 16, on baby bike, Oct 31, Halloween.
Viewing Notes:
NHF cataloguer's notes for reel 27, JS (1998): Girl, boy standing on seashore, playing at water's edge. 37:11. Man swimming. Girl with shovel, pail watches. People on porch of home. Men in motor boat near shore. American flag attached to stern of boat. Couple on shore. Couple embark aboard boat. Group aboard boat. Buildings on shoreline. Sailboat. People aboard small boat. Boy stands, wears life jacket. Tree tops. Bird flies. Boy, girl, each using oar in rowboat. Dog sits in stern. 40:00. Family group assembled on steps, sidewalk. Man, woman wave. Boy, man at edge of pier. Group picnicking on wooden benches. Cabin cruiser. Life jackets, gear in boat. Fireplace, flames. Beach, rocks of shore. Boy, two men wade into water. Toddler places cigarette in mouth. She stands on beach towel. Men, women on pier adjacent to boat. 43:02. Boy scoops water with cup. Man places toddler in boat. Woman wearing sunglasses smiles. Toddler peaks out from under tarpaulin. Children on steps of home. Sea plane. People near sea plane at dock. Woman enters plane. Pov. sea plane ride. Rear shot pilot, altimeter. View of topography, land below as seen from plane. Islands. 47.00. Buildings along shoreline, boats as seen from plane. Sea plane touches down on lake. Toddler crouched down on sidewalk before home. She is dressed like cowgirl. 50:01. Toddler beats on drum with sticks. Boy skips. Toddler stands against white picket fence. Toddler mounts tricycle. Youngster, grotesquely attired for Halloween, emerges from door of home. Boy wears 'Uncle Sam' striped pants. 'Uncle Sam' and costumed youngster walk forward hand in hand. 53:02. The two go around a corner. They walk hand in hand. (End Reel 27)
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Isle of Springs, Maine
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