[Elizabeth Thompson Reed–home movies] Reel [2]

[Elizabeth Thompson Reed--home movies] Reel [2]

Sheila Denny-Brown Collection
circa 1928
Original Format:
400 ft
Viewing Notes:
Amateur footage. Particularly good depiction of women interacting with affection. NHF cataloguing notes, 7/97 for Reel [2]: (9:50) Women at house, holding a cat. Man with bowler hat, and girl. Family portrait shot. CU man. (10:20) CU young men and women. (dark) Street scene, at dusk? CU women coming out door. Winter scene on (women's college?) campus. (11:05) Women standing and walking in snow on campus. Campus snow scenes. (13:10) Men and women outdoors, with automobiles. Girl on bicycles. (13:25) Girl and woman sitting together with cat. Girls in snow. Girl bringing chair outdoors, sitting down, reading aloud to camera. (14:20) Cat in doorway. Girl with doll. Campus in springtime. Graduation set up, tent. (14:50) Students on fire escape. Raining, umbrellas during ceremony. POV from above. (some dropout) Procession of men, umbrellas. Brief after-ceremony shot. (15:05) Nighttime? (dark footage) Lights at night. (15:45) Graduation procession, uniformed men, then men and women in gowns and mortar boards. Marching band. Procession of graduates, men wearing white pants and dark blazers, ribboned medals on lapels. Ceremony under striped awning. (17:30) Microphone and podium, speaker in gown and mortar board. (18:20) CU men after ceremony, crowds in period dress. People leaving area with empty folding chairs. (18:40) Inside an arena or hall. Outdoor procession of young men. (19:00) Track, runners in a track meet. Brief pole vault shot. Women coming out door. (19:25) Girl and collie dog. Geese in a pen. Peacock, rabbits in a pen. (19:50) Women seated on ground, picnic at lakeside. Brief shot of baseball game. (20:10) Automobile. Procession or parade with horses and riders, then men marching in uniforms, then girls playing in band and marching. (20:45) Girls with balloon in garden. Girl getting pony ride, older boy holding halter. Boy getting pony ride, same older boy holding halter. (21:15) Girl on horse, older boy holding halter. Picnic and balloons, girl climbing an elephant sculpture. Young girls prancing in pantaloons and dresses, running in grass with woman. Young girls eating outdoors at small tables. (22:30) Woman in a park setting. Women with white umbrellas. '1903' banner and procession of women with parasols, on a campus (a class reunion?). (23:50) Two women standing together. Women and girl on striped divan. Young girls standing by shrubbery. (24:25) Campus shots.
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Hancock, Maine
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