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Viall, Rebecca Freethey Collection

Collection consists of 5 reels of silent, color 16 mm film, shot by Rebecca Freethey Viall between 1949 and 1951. The film primarily consists of home movies, including footage of the Brookline, Maine 1949 Centennial celebration, and family trips to Acadia National Park. Other footage includes scenes of Camp Roosevelt near Black Cap Mountain and

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[Gladys Steputis–home movies] Reel 34

A woman playing with a dog in the snow. A girl playing in the snow. A woman waving from inside a house. A large brick building. A football field with stands. The University of Maine Orono campus. Stevens Hall and other campus buildings. Something in a tree. (A cat?) A snowman. Children pose next to

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Mayan Rites

Title, ‘The Spanish Conquistadors destroyed all the sacred temples of the Mayas and built churches on their high foundation pyramids,’ etc. Guatemala.

Steputis, Gladys Collection

Collection contains [Steputis–home movies], including 44 reels of silent, black and white and color 8 mm film, totaling approximately 2090 ft. The films primarily consist of scenes of family winter and summer activities primarily in Maine and Canada. Footage shows hikes and picnics, skiing and swimming, toboggans, family cars and pets, holiday celebrations, University of

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Pearson, Adelaide Collection

Collection contains [Adelaide Pearson–home movies], scenes from “Bluehill” life drawing classes (1939-1945) and from Pearson’s travels around the world. Footage shows community events such as the Blue Hill Fair, religious parades in New York, Florence and Paris, Hopi Indian dances in Arizona, and bull fights in Mexico. Reels of a trip to Asia includes footage

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