[Elizabeth Thompson Reed–home movies] Reel 7

[Elizabeth Thompson Reed--home movies] Reel 7


Sheila Denny-Brown Collection
Original Format:
400 ft
Can Description:
Lake Placid Dec. 1929. Allen family. Nurse at Gabriels. Winter Olympics 1932. Lansing. F. Tiller, etc. Summer, 1932 at Hurricane. Eclipse of Sun
Viewing Notes:
A group of people pose for the camera, including a young girl and an older man wearing a black armband. An older woman in a fur coat speaks to the camera. People skiing. More scenes of skiing, with a ski jump in the background. A dog sled. A horse drawn sleigh. People waving at the camera from the porch of a building. People playing in the snow. People with skis and sleds. Sledding, with a ski jump in the background. Skiing down a hill. A group of girls sledding while standing on the sleds. Panning shot of the ski slope and mountains. Sledding. People playing with in the snow with a puppy. People standing on a porch. A woman shakes a mop over the puppy. People going down the ski jump. Shot of the ski slope. The ski jump again. A girl eating next to a car. People walk out of a house. Two boys (Philip Allen)walk over, holding hands, and run up to a girl and take something from her. People around a snowy track. A bobsled track. Bobsleds. A dogsled. Figure skaters performing. A dogsled. Panning shot of snowy field and surrounding buildings. People in fur coats gathered around a car. A ski jump. Cars driving past the stands at the base of the ski jump. Close up of a young man. The ski jump. Panning shot of landscape (different location). Rock formations. People around parked cars. A group of woman walking to a large barn. People on the porch of a house. A group of girls swimming. Shot of the mountains. A house in the trees. People playing cricket. Shot of the mountains. Four women seated by a road, wearing eclipse glasses. The eclipse. Trees. [End of Reel]
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Lake Placid, New York, USA
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