[Marguerite Larock–home movies] Reel 13

[Marguerite Larock--home movies] Reel 13


Larock, Marguerite Collection
Original Format:
Can Description:
Spring 1953
Viewing Notes:
Close up of a baby (Cynthia “Cindy”) with a boy (Norman) next to her. A man (Lionel), Cynthia and Norman lying on a bed. Cynthia sitting on a couch while someone off screen blows bubbles. Cynthia standing while holding on to curtains. Cynthia lying down. Cynthia standing and sitting at the window. A girl (Marcia) holding Cynthia. Cut to Cynthia in a baby carriage with cousins Timmy and Matthew. Closer shot of Matthew and Cynthia in the carriage as Matthew cries. Matthew being held by his mother. A woman (Marguerite) holds Cynthia up as she walks, while cousin Jack watches. Cynthia sitting on a rocking horse, crying, while Timmy bikes in the background. Cut to Norman and Marcia walking down Main Street, Lewiston. Cynthia with a group of people. A boy (Dennis) riding a bike. A woman (Dot) holding Cynthia. People carrying flags in a Memorial Day parade. Other people marching in the parade. Dennis and Norman playing in the yard at their grandmother’s house. Two men setting up a tent. Someone holds Cynthia up as she walks. (Film changes to black and white) Cut to Miss Scott, a kindergarten teacher, leaving the Wallace School. A line of children leaving the school. Dennis, in line, waves at the camera. Norman runs to meet Dennis, and takes his notebook. Norman brings the notebook to show a little girl (Sandi). Dennis joins them. Norman kisses Sandi on the cheek. (Film changes to color) Norman walking with Marcia and another girl. (Linda Clarke) They are joined Dennis and another boy. Shot of Marguerite holding Cynthia. Cut to Marcia swimming at Reid State Park. Shot of Dennis and Norman playing in the water. Norman playing with seaweed. Marguerite brings Cynthia over to look at the seaweed. Children playing by the water. Shots of the water. Cut to Norman in the yard with a hose, watering flowers. Close up of the flowers. Dennis and Norman standing with the hose. The family eating lobster by the water. Norman wading in the water. Cynthia asleep outside. [End of Reel]
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Lewiston, Maine;Reid State Park, Maine
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