[Marguerite Larock–home movies] Reel 20

[Marguerite Larock--home movies] Reel 20


Larock, Marguerite Collection
1960 - 1962
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Viewing Notes:
A girl (Cynthia, “Cindy”). A marching band. Children in a boat on a trailer. Three children (Dennis, Norman and Cindy) walking towards the camera. A dog (Tammy). An animal (porcupine?) up in a tree. Chickens. A parade, including a line of girls carrying signs that read ‘LEWISTON…MAINE’, marching bands and boy scouts. Norman and Cindy walking up the path. Children pose for the camera. Dennis poses for the camera. Children having a play wedding. Two children dancing. Children playing with chickens. An American flag. Children playing in a sprinkler. Children, Tammy the dog, and a goat. A policeman putting the goat into a police car. An American flag. A flower garden at the foot of the flagpole. A stone with the engraving: ‘IN OUR HEARTS HE LIVES’. A house next to the flagpole. A parade, including a marching bands, antique fire trucks, people in period dress, and floats. A marching band, including a man with ‘Scarlet Cadets’ on the back of his jacket. People on horseback. Wagons and floats. Color guard in Auburn practice field. Cindy teaching Tammy to jump through a hoop. A bride (Charlene) and groom leaving a church. A group of children outdoors. People skating. Girls playing with chicks. Two boys in color guard uniforms. Flowers. A marching band. Two boys in color guard uniforms. A girl (Cindy?) next to a flowering shrub. Parade floats. The color guard marching in the parade. A girl in a flower garden. Children walking outdoors. The color guard and marching band. The color guard marching on a field. People in a motorboat. A boy waterskiing. People in a motorboat. [End of Reel]
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