[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 96

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 96

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
1967 – 1969
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375 ft
Viewing Notes:
NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 96: 36:06. Boy, woman, man walk up gangway of wharf. Paper bags under his arms, another man ascends gangway. Tennis game on court. Four men playing. 37:03. They 'lob' ball back and forth. Two girls of approximate same age walk down path. Tennis game between girl and man. Exterior of tennis court with evergreen trees. 38:01. Mother with infant in arms, couple immediately behind. Man touches infant. Others approach. Young man. Infant, family group. Woman holds envelope aloft. Group walks down path. 39:00. Family walks down gangway. Young woman in back waves. Woman with canvas tote bag. Woman with infant in arms descends gangway. She holds bottle in infant's mouth. Couple walk down gangway. Two women on gangway. Older woman kisses younger one. Family on dock. Older man waves. Luggage being loaded in trunk of 'Volkswagen'. Truck or van motors up dock area. Tennis racquets loaded into 'Volkswagen' trunk. 40:03. Boy, young girls at side. Girl has bag. May be clams in transparent bag. Couple talk at side. Two men shake hands. Woman, man in 'Volkswagen'. Woman waves. People in back seat wave. Man drives car out of garage while buddy pushes on front. Shadowy shot. May be lights of Christmas tree. 41:02. Downward track shot of the same. Lights blink alternately off and on. Upward verticle track shot of the same. Man drives tractor used in heavy construction work. Frontal device moves up and down. Crane at side of road. 42:01. Frontal tractor device moves up and down. Truck. Crane working at side. Crane of bulldozer lifts debris. Man operating same. Home in background. Bulldozer, man by piles of soil in area. Other men in area. Bulldozer backs up. Scoop on bulldozer ascends. 43:06. Ladies on bench look on. Toddler walking behind bench. Copious foliage of area. Toddler touches bottle. We are at a tennis match. Toddler walks along. Toddler walks by group of women who are sitting on grass. Toddler grasps stroller in upended position. 44:04. Toddler sits by stroller. He crawls out of frame. With hand, he spins inverted wheel. Woman watches from end of bench. He spins wheel again. Family gathered at end of dock. 45:00. Dog is part of group. Family, members of assorted ages sit in boat as it skims across water. Man using device to divide block of wood. Divides block of wood with his hands. Teenage boy severs block of wood with axe. Man uses mechanical handsaw to portion wood. Man wipes brow. Street, shrubbery at side. Man pushes wheelbarrow forward. He uses shovel to secure soil in wheelbarrow. Exterior of home. 46:02. Man shovels soil at side of building. He wields shovel into earth. Man with device which appears to be smoothing sidewalk. Exterior of home. Shrubbery. Older man walks in area. Man lies on lawn. He is joined by dog. Woman with rope. She is walking on narrow path. Man working on lawn near path. He runs smoothing device along pathway. 47:00. Rope in hand, woman watches as she walks along. Man about to raise American flag, children adjacent. He elevates flag, secures rope to side of building. Man takes toddler wearing sunsuit by hand. Woman, couple beneath sun umbrella watch toddler run. 48:01. Older man, tennis racquet in hand, joins group. Toddler pauses, smiles. Family gathered on tennis court. Youngster at side 'serves' tennis ball. 49:00. Various people in group swing their tennis racquets. Boy enters court through wire side door. Swinging racquet, boy 'lobs' ball back and forth. Group assembled at side of field for informal baseball game. Family on court. 50:03. Group on athletic field, predominately male. Pan. of field, side fence. Game of 'catch'. Spectators at fence. 51:03. Boy bats ball as spectators watch outside of fence. Boy hits 'homer', shakes hands with man. Sports participants run to side of field. Ball players walk, join spectators outside of fence. Boy walks along with baseball glove, shirt in opposite hand. Buddy walks along with him. Man touches boy on shoulder. Grove trees in wood. 52:10. Car drives away as woman, two men walk down woodland path. Woman wears dark glasses. Man behind carries coat under arm. Two boys, one older than the other carry large branch. They set it down. Older boy carries it forward. Younger boy stands at side as older boy places branch under open lattice under porch. 53:06. Boy closes lattice. Boys stand side by side. Little lad points forward, wiggles fingers. He crouches over, retrieves item from grass. He eats item, berries, perhaps. He smiles, continues eating. Older boy gathers berries. (End of Reel 96.)
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