[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 61

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 61

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
1949 – 1950
Original Format:
375 ft
Viewing Notes:
NHF Cataloguer's notes for reel 61:00:00. Two men remove large item from home. Washing machine is already outside of home. Two men lift washing machine. Carry it forward. Sign stating: 'T. C. O'Shea Co., 426 Central Avenue, East Orange, New Jersey...' Appliance in yard which appears to be small stove or heater. Woman appears in yard. Stands by garage door. She is African-American woman. Woman hurries along. Joins man waiting for her at foot of steps. They walk away. Two women stand at foot of steps. They walk forward. Man, woman stand by car outside of garage. Man throws popcorn kernel into air. Woman catches it in mouth. 01:01. Man throws another kernel into air. Other man approaches, but fails to catch it. Woman catches another kernel man throws. Man throws more kernels. Buddy catches them in mouth. People assembled at table outside. Man wears white apron. Woman in chair eats cake with fork. Watermelons on table. Family group walking forward. Man bears toddler on shoulder. Couple walk hand in hand. Family in motorboat. Young man rowing boat. Couple descend gangway. Man carries wooden box aloft. Couple on edge of dock look out over water. Surface of water. Cabin cruiser skimming on it. 02:00. Captain, passenger. Couple standing in doorway of home. They descend steps. Couple on path. Firecracker is ignited with cigarette. Couple on rocks of ocean shoreline. Surf pounds against rocky shoreline terrain. Waves of ocean are in motion. Cliff-like rocky terrain of shoreline. Surf, tide coming in. Sea gull flies over ocean. 03:03. Couple climb rocks of shoreline. Soldier in uniform carries shielded clothes on hanger, suitcase. Older man opens garage door. Soldier looks at paper as older man and woman try to read also. Soldier hands map to older man. Woman approaches. She points to map. The three continue to read map. Older man leaves. Woman wearing shorts replaces him. 04:04. Another soldier, by self, reads map. He nods 'Yes', folds up map. He walks forward. Shakes hands with older man. Soldier pats cat, scratches its neck. Woman leans down observing soldier and cat. Soldier strokes cat. Pov. car ride. We see green shrubbery through windshield. Man outside with steering wheel in hand. House, trees, man on farm tractor. Family group walks on field. Car parked at side. Two women, man walk forward. 05:02. Family gathered before long, cabin-like home. Bald-headed man aims rifle into distance beyond woodpile. Young man astride farm tractor. He has board hitched to back. Woman, large garbage container are aboard board. Sitting cross legged, woman smiles. Woman waves as tractor continues its unique journey. She holds aloft bouquet of flowers which she has picked. Grassy expanse of field. Woman, garbage pail on board. Cat on sidewalk before home. Man picks up cat. 06:01. Couple emerge from home. Woman wears kerchief, shorts. 06:07. Older man outside of car. He unfolds black blanket. Woman, paper bag in hand, emerges from car. They walk along. Woman emerges from car. She carries items in hand. Pan. of area where men are working. Natural light creates shadows. Man hurls tree branch away. Another man removes tree limbs and lays them aside. 07:03. Wood piled up in area. Men continue throwing branches away. Man hews at tree trunk with ax. Men arrive with saw. Man wearing polo shirt waves. Peavey, long wooden instrument with hook on end for spearing lumber. Woman in shorts walks in area. Woman with broom clears away sawdust, debris in area. 08:02. She continues vigorous sweeping. Felled tree falls over. Woman places felled branch among ferns. Men walk in area. Woman also clears away loose branches, wood debris. Men carry heavy branches forward. Woman drags felled tree along ground. 09:01. As car drives into yard, man at side gestures like traffic cop. Two men by car. Man carries box laden with goods down gangway. Foliage in woods. Two men, one young, the other older in their swim trunks. Man in wading. The older and younger one walk down to water. Older man sweeps water, mud with plank, stray piece of lumber. Woman, man, child walking on woodland path. Toddler descends steps of home. She smiles while on bottom step. Woman and man who holds toddler's hand. 10:04. Casually dressed woman runs forward. Older woman walks along. Man walks along rapidly. Dock, harbor area with assorted boats. Man carries loaded box on shoulder. Man with camera over shoulder walks down gangplank. Woman, toddler in hand, descends gangplank. People embark in boat. People on dock wave. Woman has toddler over shoulders. People gathered by boulders on shoreline. 11:00. Woman sits on rock. Held by hand between man and woman, toddler walks along. They carefully swing toddler above ground. Ladies peer through viewfinder, nautical telescope installed on shoreline edge. Man, toddler walk along wooden bridge and join two women at viewfinder. Motorboat skims along water. Attached to boat on water skis are three male surfers. Wake on water. Male surfers. One tries skiing on one ski. 12:02. The three surfers. Two lean back on their skis. One balances himself on skis without holding rope. His two buddies do so. Surfing, boating continues. Daring surfer crouches down on skis. The three surfers. One skis on one leg. All three doff hats. All balance selves on one leg. They place hats back on heads. 13:03. Surfer skis on one ski. They lean backward on skis. Man handles coats below porch of house. Man wheels laden wheelbarrow along as man and woman walk down wooden walkway or carpet-like device in area. Man carries suitcase while woman has cloth item over arm. The three approach car with open trunk. 14:01. Man places luggage in trunk. Woman helps do the same. Man with camera on strap around neck. Stands at end of gangway. Gangway. Area above. Water surface, boat skimming over it. Woman, two men surfing. Male surfer raises one leg. Two boats, surfers traversing water. One boat is laden with passengers. The three surfers. Trees at shoreline. Mast of boat. Two men on dock look at boat. Man pounds pier post. 15:01. Dock area. Boat moored at pier. Mast of boat. Vertically-shaped wooden object attached to pulley. Weight is lowered down object. Couple by car. Third man waves. Two women emerge from car. Group descends gangway and embarks in boat. Man waves. Pov. boat ride over water. We travel left. Couple, man emerge from home. Man carries wicker picnic basket. Man behind puts on coat. People picnicing. They are in wooded area. 16:03. Man eating. Man brings two cups along. Man, woman wave while eating. Shadowy shot. Man appears to be balancing slim, square pillow on head while holding cup in hand. He walks forward. Other person in area. Shadows make action hard to discern. Woman by window, standing on lower roof, porch overhang of home. She pulls shutter over window. Between them, two men carry trunk down gangway. Now side by side, two men walk down gangway. House, pickup truck in area just above gangway. Car backs up. Man carries suitcase up gangway. 17:06. Woman lightly runs down gangway while man walks behind her. Woman in wide-squared coat walks up gangway carrying suitcase. Man walks behind carrying luggage. Older man, tennis racquets under arm follows this man. He reaches down and secures luggage. Woman in area where door of car is open. Two men embark on boat excursion. Younger man waves as boat begins its journey. Both men wave from boat. Boat leaves wake.(End of Reel 61.)
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East Orange, New Jersey
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