[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 6

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 6

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
1928 – 1929
Original Format:
400 ft
Can Description:
6. Sandbox and Memorial Day parade, Children's Day 1929, Sharon and colt, colts.
Viewing Notes:
NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 6: Child in yard, garden area, flowers in bloom. Child walks along dragging pull-toy. Child walks along. Exterior of home. Man sawing wood at exterior table. Woman holds wood steady so man can saw. 35:55. 36:05. Child emerges from home. Man walks ahead of him. Child swings toy tin pail. Child, man approach sandbox. Child climbs in. Man watches as child plays. Child picks up small item. Waves it back and forth. Using toy shovel, man shovels sand. Child climbs out of box. 37:00. Child plays with puppy. Child lies on ground. Puppy wags tail. Slightly older boy arrives. He wears white shirt, tie. Child rolls on grass. Child stands. He has small branch. Man takes branch from child. He swings branch back and forth. He gives branch back to child. Child drags branch along ground. Parade on Main Street. Men carrying flags. 38:00. Marching soldiers, the marshall swings festooned baton. Marching band going past public buildings. Ladies with American flag and another flag. Ladies wear uniforms. Military police march. Spectators standing on sidewalk watch. Soldiers, Legionnaires. Retinue of men clad in business suits. 39:02. Soldier unit. Several American flags and other flags. Sailors. Airplane resting on bed of truck, float. Marching band. Masons, Anahs wearing fezzes. Girl Scout unit. Woman emerges from car. Man, child exit from home. Woman lifts child into car. 40:02. Child on sidewalk by garage. Child unfolds small canvas lawn chair. Woman brings small sign. Sets it down by chair. Child sits in chair. Woman brings child flower. Child smells flower. Woman tousles child's hair. She unbuttons his coat. She removes coat. Child wears sunsuit. 41:02. Child rises. Woman sits him gently back down. Child in same location. He has a few toys on garage sidewalk. He adds plush animal to those already there. Toys are lined up with one off at side. He pushes side toy along. He adds side toy to the lined up toys. Shot of plush toys aligned. He has picked up one of the toys and is trying to figure out where to place it. 42:03. He places it atop the others. Carrying two plush toys, he walks forward. Kneeling on sidewalk, he plays with the toys. He walks forward, carrying two or three of them. Child by side of home. Pushes kiddiecar forward. Tricycle also in yard. Using his legs, he rides kiddiecar forward. He sits on kiddiecar as it rolls along. He repeats this motion, stopping at bank of lawn. He pulls kiddiecar awkwardly along by handle. 43:01. Man helps child onto tricycle. He gives tricycle a push as child starts pedaling. Child pedals tricycle on his own. Man gives tricycle a push. Child pedals forward again. Truck goes by on side street. Child pushes tricycle back from lawn bank to its original location at side of house. Child standing by tree trunk. He yawns. Continues standing there. 44:04. He walks along on sidewalk. Awninged businesses on Main Street. 'Coffee Shop', 'Lilly's Drugstore.' Man emerges from drugstore. He doffs his hat. Woman emerges from car. She walks over to baby carriage. Wash hung on nearby clothesline. She removes covering from carriage and removes infant from the carriage. Man with infant in arms standing by car. Car is open touring car. Man kisses infant. Woman, infant, very young girl. Another woman enters. Cups young girl's chin with hands. Lifts young girl aloft. 45:02. Infant in mother's arms as mother is back to the camera. Woman in doorway. She waves. She descends steps. Sign which states: 'Jane's Home-Cooked Food'. Sign which says: 'Jane's Luncheon, Tea, Dinner'. Street in town. Cars, two oxen at side of road, Avenue of copious trees. Man walks across street. Two other men follow. Toddler trying to ride kiddiecar as man looks on. Toddler pushes kiddiecar which looks like small car. 46:04. Toddler tries to make kiddiecar go by pushing on ground with feet. Holding onto front of kiddiecar, he rides it into grassy area. Kneeling, man tries to make kiddiecar go. One leg, foot on ground, man makes kiddiecar go. Woman and boy. Boy has golf club and ball. Woman watches as he swings at ball on lawn. He makes ball go short distance. He smiles triumphantly. Front of home, car in yard visible. Young girl appears. Man and toddler at fence in pasture. Horse is inside of fence. Horse, colt walk around. Herd of horses run, frolic in pasture behind fence. 47:01. Mature horse, colt. Pasture with grass, fence, adjacent barn buildings. Horses run, frolic. Man leads horse by rein. Colt follows. Horse whisks tail, tries to scratch self with leg. Colt follows. Swishes tail. Horse drinks from trough as man looks on. Colt walks about happily whisking tail. Colt grazes. Other colt nearby. 48:00. Colt runs about. Colt, mother side by side by fence. Mother horse swishes tail vigorously. Horse licks man's shoulder. Colt and another man adjacent. Colt whisks tail, begins to graze. Colt begins to frisk heartily. Mother horse on opposite side of fence runs neck in neck with colt. Pasture. Horse walking about near fence. 49:03. Mother horse watches as colt breaks into a run. Pasture, horses, mountain side in background. Man leads horse by rein. Colt walks at horse's side. Colt's walk a bit awkward. Man leads horse by rein. Colt, mother standing back to back. Both whisk tails. Barn exterior, woman watching toddler atop two-wheeled carriage of the kind horses draw. Toddler plays with wooden frame or chair atop carriage. Toddler has small sledge hammer. He gently hits wooden platform atop carriage. 50:02. Toddler stands, smiles. He forms his mouth into an 'O'. Horse, colt in pasture. Man leads horse by rein. Colt follows mother. Horse herd grazing, contentedly swishing tails. Colts with their mothers. Colt drinks from trough. Group of women. Child riding atop man's shoulders. Another man. In the woods. Shot is a bit dark. 51:02. Boy standing on boulder in woods. Rocky area. Two men sitting on rocks in area. Man, woman, boy on rustic wooden bridge. Three women, another man enter area. Group walks along. Man shields eyes from sun. Woman points outward. Group walks about. Some pause, rest in area. Family group in wooded, rocky area. Crouched man jumping up and down. (End of Reel 6.)
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