[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 30

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 30

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
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400 ft
Can Description:
30. 1934--June 24, Sealbright bathing group, July 1, San as Scotch lassie, Tom as horse, July 4, Tom, San, July 12, Billy's [birthday] party, July 17, S.S.Florida, Ned and Lorraine, July 18, island furniture, July 23, Erik leaving, Aug 4, San in snood, Aug 14, children's party and tennis, Aug 16, [baseball] game, Emmy Willman.
Viewing Notes:
NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 30:36:03. Men, women with various articles such as suitcase. Woman carries blanket. Man crouched down under beach umbrella. We are at the beach. Children take advantage of slide. Pan. of beach, swimmers, waders. Tide, foamy waves are coming shoreward. Man holds toddler by hand. Boy heads toward water. Toddler sits by woman sitting on beach. 37:04. Woman watches as children ascend ladder of slide. Shots of toddler enjoying sliding. Toddler approaches pipe-smoking man. Three women comfortable on beach. Woman crouches on hands. Two other women lie on stomachs. Large man carries beach umbrella and implants it in sand. Man standing with cards in hand. 38:01. Beach umbrella. Wind wafts towels some people are holding. People on shoreline. Family on blanket under beach umbrella. Woman combs hair. Toddler cautiously descends slide while holding onto sides. Boy slides down. 39:05. Toddler now does same, but dismounts slowly at bottom. Boy slides once more. Girl follows him. Family group in front of home. Man has pipe. Bushes at exterior of home. Little girl approaches. She wears cloak and hat with lone feather. Two long ribbons extend from back of hat. Tartan hood on back of cape. (This is toddler.) She faces camera. She bears Shirley Temple aspect. She raises her arms in cloak-spreading gesture. Boy wearing rabbit costume appears in area. He crawls along on 'all fours'. 40:01. He stands in front of bush. Man carries American flag. As he begins to unfurl it, boy arrives with miniature American flag. Man implants flag in ground. 41:03. Toddler unfurls small flag like boy's. She waves flag. Boy has toy pistol which he raises. Girl plants her flag in ground. Toddler, man crouched over toy cannon in yard of home. She ignites cannon ball. Boy crouches down and ignites what appears to be fireworks of some kind. 42:00. Man ignites fireworks. Toddler emerging from home. She has package under arm. Boy follows her. Both formally dressed. They descend brick steps. Boy has what may be scrapbook under arm. They pause to be photographed. Boy, toddler on pathway of well-kept park. People sitting on bench inside of building. Other people walking about. Rather, this is interior of ship. Smokestack. Deck. 43:00. Toddler peers through viewing device on deck of ship. Children stand near ship railing and adjacent nautical gear. Woman holds toddler in arms. Children peer over ship's railing. Boy's lean down to look through peering device. Man looks over toddler as she leans against rail. Toddler waves. The ship starts its voyage. Boy, girl run down deck. 44:07. Passengers. Gear, complex ship's machinery attached to deck. Children by coiled ropes. View water surface from ship's railing. Two ship's officers talking on deck. Railing. Water surface. Other boats in harbor. 45:00. Two men on horse-drawn wagon. One drives. The other secures large wooden objects which may be doors. Boy, wearing hip boots strides down woodland path. Toddler waits for him. Man descends steps of home. He carries portfolio and luggage under opposite arm. Boy has can in hand. Man takes hand of toddler who follows the two. Toddler carefully descending gangway on pier. Man disembarks from boat. Other man embarks. Group assembled on pier. Small passenger boat, primarily occupied by women, commences voyage on water. 46:00. Toddler watches from pier. Man standing waves from stern. Toddler eating snack. She wears leaf-like hat on head. Shrubbery, bushes in area. 47:03. Three elderly men walking down path by home. Man on end carries valise. Men walk slowly. Toddler descends last two steps of home. She walks forward. She enters grass-shrubbery area. Toddler and girls of same age descend steps of home. They wear hats, party attire. 48:03. Boys, similarly dressed, emerge from home. Group stands on steps for photo. Woman, boy, toddler walk down path in front of home. Woman, toddler carry lightweight lawn chairs. Boy waves. Group sitting on bench under beach umbrella. Tennis court, sport facility adjacent. Men in place on tennis court. 49:03. Rear shot group women sitting on bench under beach umbrella. Tennis game begins. Toddler joins children sitting on ground. Group women walk down path intersecting this area. Woman wearing sunglasses walks hand in hand with toddler down path. Woman waves. Toddler does so. Two women sitting on large boulders. Tall bushes, foliage. 50:01. Group people sitting on roof of lower half of building. Men assembled on field directly on shoreline of lake. Lake, grove trees visible. Relaxed baseball game in progress. Right-tracking pan. of shoreline field. Men run about as they strike homers, touch bases. Boy leans down. 51:01. Men playing game leave field. Others replace them. New game begins. Dog wanders onto field. One man tackles another who is running from one base to another. 52:02. Team leaves field. Replacements enter. New game commences. Man retrieves ball that was thrown into rocky area immediately on water. Boy on field. Men at side of field don their sweaters. 53:06. Older men at edge of field. Younger man lights cigarette. Older man with paper. Toddler near foliage has stick. Men walk by. Toddler, girl on path at side of home. Toddler carries triangular sport's flag. (End of Reel 30.)
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