[Emma Louis Cole — home movies] Reel 3

[Emma Louis Cole -- home movies] Reel 3


Williams, Zelma Collection
circa 1968
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F-82027549 Item 2 IR;82027[illegible]
Viewing Notes:
Two girls and a dog opening gifts. The girls playing with dolls. A birthday cake with a doll in it. Two girls putting gumdrops on a plastic tree. Girls playing with dolls. A table decorated for a birthday party. People seated around the table, eating cupcakes. Girls playing with dolls. A girl talking on the telephone. Toys laid out on the stairs. The girls sleeping. A girl painting her nails. A man playing with the two girls and a dog. Panning shot of a beach. Two girls and a dog on the beach. Children and a dog playing in the snow. Two girls dancing. A girl decorating a bare tree. A girl and a dog eating a lollipop. People seated around a table. People seated in a living room. Women in a church. People exiting the church. Cars parked on the beach. Two girls on a porch. A girl running down the street. Two girls in dresses, dancing with a man. The man shaving himself, while the girls mime shaving. Gardens. A girl and a man on bicycles. A girl running around. An older girl carrying a stack of books. A cookout. People eating. Children playing. Children playing in a flooded back yard. The beach. The same beach filmed at night/tinted blue. A woman taking laundry down from a laundry line in a flooded yard. A girl and a dog playing with a kite. A road filmed through the windshield of a car. Ships on a river. A bridge. A woman seated at a table. A girl and a dog sitting on a bed. A woman reading outdoors. A sign in the shape of a dolphin. Two men seated on a porch. A pheasant in the grass. A girl in the stocks. A girl walking down the porch steps. A dog on a bed. People and a dog on the beach. People on bicycles. [End of Reel]
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Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA
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