[Virginia Lee Viall–home movies] Reel 2

[Virginia Lee Viall--home movies] Reel 2


Virginia Lee Viall Collection
Original Format:
400 ft
Can Description:
Virginia Lee Viall 5th birthday - June 20, 1952
Viewing Notes:
Shot of a calendar. A toddler (Virginia Viall) seated at an outdoor table, with a birthday cake and gifts. Virginia pushing a doll in a stroller. A calendar for ‘September 1949’. A field with ‘Mohawk Park’ spelled out. Views around Mohawk Park. Virginia standing in the doorway of a cabin. Sign for: ‘Scarborough State Beach’. People on the beach. Virginia on a tricycle. Virginia with a toy car. A calendar for ‘December 1949’. A boy in a letter jacket. A boy (Bobby) in a cub scout uniform. Bobby petting a cat. Virginia playing outdoors. A Christmas tree. Bobby opening Christmas gifts. Virginia and other family members with Christmas gifts. Virginia hands a man a white mouse. A calendar for ‘February 1950’. A man holds a white mouse up to a cat, who runs away. He and Virginia play with the mice. Virginia with a fish tank. Virginia, a boy, a dog, and a cat playing with the mice. Someone out of view holds up a sign: ‘The Boxing Match’. Donald Duck and Goofy hand puppets fight. Sign: ‘The End’. Bobby wearing a cub scout uniform. Close ups of the patches on his shirt: ‘Cub Scouts B.S.A’, East Providence 23’, ‘Den 4’. Virginia playing. A boy playing with the mice and a toy drawbridge. Bobby in cub scout uniform. A handmade book: ‘The United States Governors Pack 23 Den 4 East Providence A.I. Cub Scouts Robert Francis Viall’. Bobby turns the pages of the book. Virginia and Bobby playing in the sand. The children with lilies. Bobby and Virginia with Easter decorations. Men surveying land. A car driving up the road. Virginia with a dog. Virginia entering a building at the ‘Desert of Maine’. Sign: ‘Desert of Maine Only eighty years ago a fertile farmland, now encompasses an area of 500 acres and is constantly spreading and growing year by year. Take Time To Enjoy Your Visit At the Desert Of Maine.’ Virginia and a man walking around the Desert of Maine. Sign: ‘Top of Apple Tree Thriving in spite of being buried’. Sign: ‘Spring House On this spot stood the original farm spring house now completely buried’. Shots of the Spring House. Sign: ‘Do Not Enter Spring House Unsafe due to shifting sands.’ Virginia and Bobby pose next to flower. Bobby holding a cake. A birthday cake, decorated like a carousel. Children holding up the cake. Bobby playing a ukulele. A baseball glove, and a wooden book with ‘Bobby Viall’ on the cover. Virginia playing in a sandbox. Virginia with flowers. Virginia with a caged parrot. Boys playing baseball. [End of Reel]
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Desert of Maine
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