Sailing Trips, 1935-1938–Dorothy Stebbins Bowles–home movies. Reel 9

Sailing Trips, 1935-1938--Dorothy Stebbins Bowles--home movies. Reel 9


Bowles, Dorothy Stebbins Collection
Original Format:
16mm film
b&w and color
425 ft
Can Description:
Sailing Trip to Cape Breton/Nordlys, 1935;Steb, Chet, Charlie Young, Jim and Marvel Adams;Ct. River: mouth of river, Saybrook light houses and railroad bridge;2-3 masted schooners, fishing boats;1937-38: Weekend cruises Nordlys;Frannie, Jim Rogers, B and Ches and their friends, Games, tying Chet up, hypnotizing lobsters, Commercial fishermen: old-time fishing weirs
Viewing Notes:
Unsteady shot of the mast, pan down to the deck and the water. Quick shot of Dorothy at the helm. Several shots of the boat. Footage taken from halfway up the mast. (High Contrast). Several 2-3 masted schooners in a harbor, pan the boats as they sail past. Sailing up the Connecticut River. LS of a raised bridge. Chet and others raise the mast. Pan of small sailboats. A woman sits behind the helm looking off the side of the boat with binoculars. Dorothy at the helm while Chet works in the foreground. Dorothy drinking tea on the deck. Shots of the rigging. Chet and a woman at the helm. Dorothy standing on the deck, smiles at the camera. Chet and two men pull the sail while Dorothy steers. They all work around the ship. Pan of Lighthouses on the distant shore. Closer shot of a lighthouse.;1937-38 weekend cruises: Frannie plays with Chester Jr. while a woman steers. Chester and Barbara sitting on the deck playing with a rope. Barbara in a long coat wearing a life vest hangs on the rigging. Women in rain gear, children lay on the deck. Shot of a large ocean liner in the fog. Jim Rogers shows the kids rope tricks. Barbara and Chester tie up Chet on the deck.;Color: Several kids sit on the deck. One boy holds a handkerchief to his nose (nosebleed?). A small sailboat. Chester and another boy play with lobsters on the deck. Men working in small boats, checking fish nets. CU on fishermen. Two men pull in a net between two boats and scoop fish into the boat. Pan of the shore. Shot of a four-masted schooner.
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