[Reid Family–home movies] Reel 22

[Reid Family--home movies] Reel 22


Reid Family Collection
Original Format:
B&W and color
Viewing Notes:
A map of England, Wales and Ireland, with arrows pointing to various locations. The base of a lamppost with the sign: ‘NATIONAL SERVICE, IT’S UP TO YOU, NATIONAL SERVICE, ENGLAND EXPECTS that YOU will ENROLL TODAY’. A man (Charles?) feeding pigeons, next to a lion statue. (Nelson’s Column, Trafalgar Square, London) Intertitle: ‘The Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace’. A group of guards marching. A company of guards on horseback. A company of guards in front of Buckingham Palace, with the statue ‘Agriculture’, part of the Victoria Memorial, in the foreground. A marching band. A guard on horseback. A guard marching. Two guards on horseback. Three guards with rifles. Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Bridge. Big Ben filmed from a boat on the River Thames. Waterloo Bridge. The Tower of London. Tower Bridge. Close up of a bridge piling. The dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Big Ben and a statue of Benjamin Disraeli. Big Ben seen through an archway. Statue of Abraham Lincoln. Westminster Abbey. Intertitle: ‘Hampton Court Palace near London.’ Shots of the palace. Palace gardens. A guard walking past part of Windsor Castle. Shots of Windsor Castle. A blimp flying overhead. A different castle or cathedral. Geraniums in window boxes. A stained glass window in King’s College Chapel, Cambridge. Exterior of the chapel. The King’s College Gatehouse. The Clare Bridge, on the River Cram. King’s College. A canal. A lake with a building beyond. The Great Court at Trinity College, Cambridge. Coat of Arms of Lady Margaret Beaufort over the Great Gate in Christ’s College, Cambridge. A group of people exiting St. John’s College Chapel. River/canal. Wren Bridge. Archway. St John's College Bridge of Sighs. A man and a woman in a punt (flat-bottomed boat). The river filmed from a boat. Ducks on the shore. Knole House and gardens. Tile rooftops. Panning shot of Knole House façade. Gardens. House seen through flowers. Flowers. A flower covered archway. A pool with statues. Flowers. Fields. A map of England, Scotland and Ireland, with arrows pointing to locations in Scotland. Fields and mountains. Sheep. A town along the shore. (Oban) A seagull perched on a flagpole, flying the Red Ensign, flag of British civilian ships. A ruined castle on a hill by the lake. (Dunollie Castle) Shots of the water and mountains. Boats on the water. Fingal’s Cave, Staffa island, Scotland. Wider shot of the island. [End of Reel]
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Trafalgar Square, London, England;Buckingham Palace, London;Big Ben, London, England;Hampton Court Palace, England;Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England;University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England;Knole House, Kent, England;Oban, Scotland;Fingel's Cave, Staffa Island, Scotland
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