[Marguerite Larock–home movies] Reel 5

[Marguerite Larock--home movies] Reel 5


Larock, Marguerite Collection
1946 - 1947
Original Format:
B&W and color
Can Description:
Summer '46
Viewing Notes:
A woman sitting in a boat on Rangeley Lake covers her face. Shot of the lake from the boat. A man (Raymond Frost?) rowing the boat. Shot of a girl (Marcia) in the boat with a fishing pole. Three men go past in a rowboat. Cut to Marcia and other children on the front steps of a house (The Goudeys and Connie Bolduc) Marcia helps Claudia down the steps. The girls line up and pose for the camera. Cut to men and women gathered outside in the snow. At the center are a girl with a doll and a boy with a sled. Cut to a man helping strap on Marcia’s skis. Panning shot of Marcia on her skis, a boy with a sled and another girl. Various shots of the family and children. Cut to a line of children walking down the street. (“Last day of school 1947”) Children running across the street. Shot of children walking down the sidewalk, stores on one side, cars on the other. Children waving at the camera (Marcia and Tommy), while a man (John) washes a store’s front windows in the background. Three men digging a well while Marcia watches. Guests at Marcia’s 6th birthday party sit around a table, including: “Nancy Cram, Connie Bolduc, Fern & Mary Ann, Charlotte’s 4 & Mrs. Goudey.” Three girls doing dance routines (Judy, Jamie & Joy Groseclose) Group of girls walk past the camera. Two babies sitting on the lawn. Group of girls playing. Close up of a baby crawling on the grass. Marcia and another girl, Lionel, Marguerite and a nurse holding a baby walk down the hospital steps. (Film changes to black and white.) Several shots of Dennis, ‘Denny’, in a crib at one month old. Marcia and Dennis in front of the Christmas tree, two and a half months old. Close up of Dennis. Lionel, Dennis (3 months old) and Marcia in the kitchen. Dennis in a high chair. Marcia holds Dennis (5 months old) up as he ‘walks’. Marcia pushing Dennis (6 months old) in a stroller. Line of children leaving school on the last day. Marcia and Connie walking down the sidewalk. Dennis sitting outside with Marcia as someone outside of the shot feeds him. Wider shot of Lionel, Marcia and Dennis outside eating ice cream. Lionel walking with Dennis in the water at Sabbathday Lake. Someone (Marcia?) swimming in the lake. Dennis playing on the beach with two other children. Dennis walking on the grass with two other people. Dennis and another boy, Clifford sitting on the grass at Grandma Goudey’s house. Marcia performs a dance/tumbling routine while Dennis sits on the grass. [End of Reel]
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Rangeley Lake, Maine;Lewiston, Maine;Sabbathday Lake, Maine
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