[Marguerite Larock–home movies] Reel 3

[Marguerite Larock--home movies] Reel 3


Larock, Marguerite Collection
1943 - 1944
Original Format:
B&W and color
Can Description:
Fall '43
Viewing Notes:
A girl and a boy (Marcia and Rocky) playing in the yard, filmed through a window. Rocky is attached to a rope, which gets tangled. Close up of Marcia holding her doll. Marcia hugging her father. Marcia walking holding her father’s hand. Marcia and Rocky playing on the steps. Marcia playing near the steps with the Goudey girls. Marcia brushing her father’s hair. (Film changes to color) Marcia walking with a woman. (Lola?) Marcia running down the McFalls road. Marcia and three boys playing. Marcia and Lola. Marcia sweeping leaves and pushing a stroller. Marcia pushing a toy lawnmower through the snow. Marcia and an older girl (Patty) in dance costumes. The two girls dancing. Close up of Marcia. Marcia cutting paper with scissors. A man (“Bomba”) in uniform walking with Marcia at Mt. Holly, Pennsylvania. Cut to Marcia and a man (Gramo?) raising an American flag. Marcia and a man feeding chickens. The two wave at the camera. Marcia with an older man and woman (grandparents?) Marcia riding a tricycle down the sidewalk. Marcia pushing a doll in a toy wheelbarrow. Marcia jumping rope with a car in the background. Marcia and another girl with a jump rope. Marcia standing at a table outside, blowing out three candles on a cake. More children gather around the table. Children gather around a woman holding a baby. Marcia holding the baby. Children playing with a dog. (Donder?) Children eating cake. (Film changes to color) Marcia and her father playing in the water at Sabbathday Lake, (August 1944) while he was on furlough. Shot of the lake. Water lilies seen from a rowboat, panning the Marcia’s father smoking while rowing. Close up of a water lily. Marcia and her father sitting in the water. Marcia walking with her father, in uniform. Marcia with her father and grandmother. Marcia wearing a soldiers hat. Marcia, her father and a woman. Marcia’s father and another man. (Hank) Marcia and two girls (“C&C”) in dance costumes. Marcia’s father asleep in a chair outside. Marcia dancing. Marcia with her father and a woman posing in front of the camera. Marcia sweeping the street in Lewiston. Marcia sitting on the steps, throwing snowballs. Marcia shoveling the steps. Marcia pulling a sleigh with presents from her grandmother. [End of Reel]
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Sabbathday Lake, Maine;Lewiston, Maine;Mount Holly Springs, Pennsylvania
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