Maine and New Hampshire, ca. 1929–Elizabeth Woodman Wright–home movies. Reel 4

Maine and New Hampshire, ca. 1929--Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies. Reel 4


Walter Woodman Wright Collection
1929 – 1932
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Anecdotal Comments:
Windy Ledge (dark) Lena driving by. Corn field across the road. Brooks and Mary crossing the field, resing, running CHCW looking at the view. "Mushroom" Sears Roebuck cottage in the (illegible) Wright's field Mrs. Maxim's 93rd birthday, cuts her cake. Fanny Harlow "No market for hay at Windy Ledge" Burning it. "Uncle Charles" on Minnie. "Country Fair" W3 & CCW on Ferris wheel (1932?) Harness racing, steers cattle. "Brings the summer to a close" Day of departure, ready to return to Cambridge. Pussy Willow, CCW (illegible) Lowell Street - Brooks birthday party Turkeys in Whealan, MA. Thanksgiving Day. Wayside inn sheep Christmas holidays 1932 Horse and sleigh - Curtis (Slept at W.L. Ate at the farm) Uncle Charles with eggs. Snowshoes and skiing, W3, CCW, Charles Weston W3 in uncle Ell's chair with cat. Uncle Ell cooking Snow view, W.L. in the snow. Horse and sleigh for departure. Everyone unloading Boys smoothing snow for a sled run. Good run on our field on Curtis' sled.
Viewing Notes:
Shot of the Windy Ledge house. (Paris, Maine) A wood-sided car drives past. Children walking through a field. Orchard trees. Intertitle: ‘MRS. MAXIM AGE 93 CUTS HER BIRTHDAY CAKE.’ A group of people gathered around an outdoor table as Mrs. Maxim cuts the cake. Intertitle: ‘NO MARKET FOR HAY AT WINDY LEDGE.’ People rake hay into a burning pile. Intertitle: ‘“UNCLE CHARLES” AND MINNIE.’ A man driving a horse drawn wagon (thresher?). Men raking hay. Intertitle: ‘COUNTY FAIR BRINGS THE SUMMER TO A CLOSE.’ People on ferris wheel. Harness racing. A row of steers in yokes. Carnival rides. Intertitle: ‘DAY OF DEPARTURE READY TO RETURN TO CAMBRIDGE’. Shot of two children, a dog and a cat. Children playing leapfrog. Intertitle: ‘THANKSGIVING DAY DRAWS NEAR’. A flock of turkeys on a farm. Intertitle: ‘AT THE WAYSIDE INN SUDBURY’. A flock of sheep. Intertitle: ‘CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS AT PARIS, MAINE.’ A man loads a horse-drawn sleigh. Close up of a boy with glasses. People skiing and snowshoeing. A boy reading a newspaper. A man (Uncle Ell) cooking on a woodstove. Panning shot of a snowy field and houses. People on a horse-drawn sleigh. A man walking in the snow. Horse and sleigh. A group of people getting out of the sleigh. Two people shoveling/sweeping snow to make a sledding run. Two boys sledding. Clearing the sled run. [End of Reel]
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Paris, Maine,Sudbury, Massachusetts,Cambridge, Massachusetts
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