[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 94

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 94

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
1964 – 1965
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375 ft
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NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 94: 00:02. Man working on car motor. Hood raised. Red 'Volkswagen' drives up to garage door. Woman emerges. Older man, toddler join her. Man carries purse for her. Toddler stands by bulkhead cellar doors. Woman with Weimerainer dog. She holds him by collar. Toddler by steps. He smiles, walks around a bit. 01:03. Children ride by garage aboard their assorted vehicles, three-wheeled tricycle, two bicycles. One bike has training wheels on back. Four children. Three bikes, trike. Woman runs. She is dressed for jogging. She runs around the house and in the yard. Ladies, children of assorted ages. Two men bring up the rear of party. 02:00. Older couple on path. They watch as other older man ignites a firecracker. Firecracker explodes, exuding smoke. He repeats the process. Long vessel. Ocean surface. (These shots a bit faded.) Sailboats. (Difficult to discern.) 03:09. Sailboats. Ocean surface. People, crew on deck of pleasure boat. (Photography improved.) Pan. of passengers standing at railing of boat. Passenger-laden pleasure craft. Long vessel. Sails furled. Motorboat with passengers. 04:02. Assorted water craft in area. Sign on bow of pleasure craft: 'Victory Chimes. Castine.' Man stands in bow of row or motorboat fronting bow of 'Victory Chimes'. Man walks up wharf gangway. He carries plastic container such as milk bottles are placed in. He removes box from container. He removes American flag from the box. 05:05. Two youngsters watch as he hoists flag over building over which 'Isle of Springs' is painted. Tennis match on court. Two couples playing. Copious trees at side. 06:05. Game continues. House at side has balconied porch. Two men talk at side of court. One has paper. Couples complete game. They talk, relax at side of court. Woman kisses man. Girl crouched down. She wears man's military hat. She removes paper item from small straw basket she holds. Woman sitting on her heels observes her. Cup on table. Looks like makeshift trophy cup. Two couples. Woman laughs. Man opens bottle. Pours liquid into buddy's cup, fills woman's cup for her. Man drinks beverage. 07:02. Man holds trophy cup aloft. Family on porch. Couple walk up path. Man pulls at woman's sweater. She wears peaked kerchief. Couple in wood. Man has pruning shears. Woman, man carry tree which he has clipped. Man drags tree as woman walks away. Couple descend steps of home. Both wear sunglasses. 08:02. Both remove glasses. Woman makes face. Three girls carrying luggage. One in rear has tennis racquet. Man carrying luggage waves. Woman, other man walking behind carry same. Luggage being loaded into trunk of car. Girl in back jumps up and down. Packing of trunk continues. Clothes on hangers are passed to older man who is doing most of the packing. 09:09. People walking down woodland path. Family assembled on porch and steps. Drinking, eating. Wharf, boathouse. Pickup truck at water-end of wharf. Gangway railing. People walking, talking on wharf. 10:01. Person ascends, climbs up pole at water-end of wharf. Water surface. Boat. Trees of opposite shoreline. Diagonally raised platform at end of wharf. Pickup truck starts to ascend wharf. 11:02. Platform lowered into water. Slats of platform with water between them. Cabin cruiser with passengers. Man catches rope thrown to him. On stern of boat: Dorothy W. Isle of Springs'. As boat begins its journey, platform drifts in water. Trees of shoreline. Two boats on water. High-masted craft has cargo. 12:02. Boat with cargo has storage cabin with door in bow. Cargo consists of lumber. Boat docks. Men move about on deck. 13:01. Water surface. Men working on deck. Crane hoists lumber from boat. Wharf. Men disembark from boat. Man working on tree. He is secured in harness. He saws on limb. Limb descends. Woman carries circular object. Man looks at cabinet which sets on ground. 14:22. Woman examines cabinet. She carries two bags loaded with assorted items. Family on path. Yard umbrella raised. 15:02. Smoke permeates area. Man set off firecracker. He ignites another, sending particles into the air. Family seated under yard umbrella. Three boys on path. Inner mechanism of church bell turning. Steeple. Tree. Vertical track shot of church exterior. Man tolling bell with rope. 16:05. Boy takes turn tolling bell. Lake surface. Trees, boulders of shoreline. Large boat drifts near opposite shoreline. 17:01. Evergreen trees along shoreline. Large boat continues its excursion. Stern highly structured. (End of Reel 94.)
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Isle of Springs, Maine
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