[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 90

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 90

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
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NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 90: 36:00. Two men in wooded area. Large tractor nearby. Autumn-foliaged trees. We are on pov. car ride. Telephone poles. Varicolored leaves of autumn trees. Lake surface. Deciduous trees, evergreens of shoreline. Crimson-leafed tree. We are highway adjacent to lake. Telephone poles, highway guard rails. 37:01. Blue lake surface. White shoreline building. Expanse evergreen trees. Pov. car ride ends. Man by black pickup truck. He has pillow, what appears to be sponge mop under one arm, small bag in hand opposite. House amidst trees. Woman on dock walkway. Grove trees. Flowers bloom nearby. Exterior of house in grove trees. Pan. to flowering bush at right. Green shrubbery. Autumn leaves. Pan. moves to right. Variegated foliage. Woman walks along, touches flower. 38:08. Exterior of home. White clapboards, pink shutters. Man, woman by car near garage. Woman summons dog who comes running. Exterior of large Victorian-type home. Cars go down street. Cars parked across street. Woman emerges from home and gives man paper bag. Infant sitting in armchair. 39:01. Infant crawls in chair. In attempt to get out of chair, infant falls to floor. He rises, returns to chair now occupied by little girl. He attempts to get in chair, and falls to floor once more. Little girl picks infant up in arms, places him in chair. She tries to sit beside him, but he falls out for the third time. Shadowy shot with lights aglow. 40:02. Darkness renders shot details indiscernible. Except for lights, action not visible. (Normal photography now resumes.) Christmas presents about tree. Little boy sits in armchair playing harmonica. Woman sits in armchair, infant on lap. She combs infant's hair with her hands. 41:02. Mantle clock. Christmas greenery decorations. Clock has classical elegance with statue affixed to top. Car backs out of garage. Snow on ground. Package in hand, man stands by garage door. (Shot just a bit faded.) Man walks forward. Truck with plow attached to front on street. 42:03. Truck backs up and then plows forward. Plowing continues as truck levels snowbank. Truck plows outside of garage. 43:01. No longer winter, man wearing flannel jacket casts ball at boy who uses tree branch for bat. Boy, man continue their baseball game. Man, boy switch positions. Shadowy shot rendering action indiscernible. Little girl, wearing plaid jumper, walks in yard. 44:01. Feminine family group, women of various ages. Charming little girl walks in garage area. Man with women in front of porch. Woman points. We are in the South, palm trees. Bungalow. Mailbox at front. Sign thereon: '305-307-309 S. Nimbus'. 45:02. Tree with rose-like flowers abloom. Palm tree. Long-stemmed white flowers. Pan. of palm trees, area foliage. White-flowered bush by garage. Palm tree. Many-leaved, copious palm tree, car parked nearby. Palm trees, area foliage viewed from pov. car ride. Long building with copious rosebushes or similar flowers in bloom. Pan. of long white building with superior landscaping, shrubbery. 46:09. Flowers blooming within garden circle. Trees with purple blossoms. Trees, foliage gracing exterior of white building. Palm trees. Thornbush. Surrounding trees. Downward track shot of fruit tree. Fruit thereon, citrus fruit. 47:11. Palm trees. Other foliage, some in flower. Flowering tree, lush-leaved palm trees. Pan. trees, foliage. Low-lying bush with small white flowers. White building. Expansive bush with purple flowers. Dock. Many boats moored in harbor. Man aboard boat, 'Eleza'. 48:02. Quick track of ropes, gear. Two boats in harbor. Grove trees. In the midst, bare-branched tree. Sign at side of road: 'The Kapok Tree'. Tree has gigantic gnarled trunk. Tree with small shiny leaves, orange flowers. Two elderly women walk up path to building. 49:05. Building across street chapel, church, contemporary structure. Woman, older man walk up path. Tree at side of building. Two women stand beside of sign: 'Beautiful Cypress Gardens 1961.' Gardens with pool. Variegated trees. Flowers, foliage. Woman wearing gown. She is on parade float. Trees, flowers, horticultural paradise captured on film. 50:02. Pan., track shot of fine area. Scarlet flowers, palms. Space does not allow full description of this floral paradise! The poll with perfectly-manicured lawn, palm trees. Track shot cypress trees, pool surface. Passenger-laden tour boat skims pool surface. People walk on bridge arching pool. CU palm tree. Exterior of white building, flowered shrubbery. 51:01. Shot of flowered shrubbery. Water surface. Many people watch from wharf railing. Pelican dives into water. Porpoises dive in and out of water to take fish offered from sailor's hand. Pelican preens self. Mate sits at left. Porpoises swim about, dive under water, resurface. 52:05. Pool area where porpoises reside. Little animal, dog or monkey floats about on small surfboard. White uniformed men at side of pool. Porpoise jumps through paper in center of hoop extended from side of pool. 53:00. Sign about porpoises at side of pool. Alternate shots of spectators, porpoises jumping. Porpoise nearly jumps over top of sign. White-uniformed man, attendant at side of pool. Pool sign reading in part: 'Marine Studios present 'Educated Porpoises...'. Porpoise swims, leaps in water of pool.
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Florida, USA
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