[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 58

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 58

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
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375 ft
Viewing Notes:
NHF Cataloguer's notes for reel 58: 00:02. Three young men, formally dressed, walk past garage. (This reel is colored.) Little girl emerges from home. She carries cloth doll. Two women, man emerge from home. People get into car. Little girl hesitant about descending steps of home. Man offers her his hand. Little girl touches teddy bear. She sits at top of steps. Little girl at top of steps with teddy bear beside of her. She strokes teddy bear's ear. 01:02. Woman ascends steps of home. Under her arm she carries either ledger or photo album. Woman, standing by garage door waves. Shot is shadowy. Pov. car ride down highway. Woman emerges from car. Other cars parked nearby. Two women walk by. Pink and gold sunset on horizon. Bare trees against sky. Right tracking pan. of sunset, trees silhouetted against sky. 02:01. Tangled grove of bare tree branches silhouetted against horizon. Two women emerge from home. Both have books with them. Man stands in doorway and watches women as they descend steps. Two women standing by bush. Using a paper bag, woman waves with it. Two men have bush on dolly. One pulls dolly as man in back holds potted bush steady. Garden. Shrubbery, a few flowers in bloom. Man shovels away soil. Carrying two suitcases, man descends steps. Man behind him looks on. 03:02. Woman, young man emerge from home. Man carries notebook and book. Woman wearing short jacket emerges from home. She waves. Teenage boy emerges from home. He walks by two women. Older man joins him. The four walk forward. CU older man. CU teenage boy. Man emerges from garage carrying scrim-covered panel. Woman kneeling on ground back of car. Teenage boy is under car repairing it. He pauses, looks up. Man walks by carrying sectioned scrim panel. Teenage boy returns to car repairing. Two women, three men, all formally dressed, emerge from home. 04:06. Middle-aged man emerges from home. Two women talking by bush. One woman leaves. She is replaced by teenage boy. Bouquet of pink flowers sitting on steps. Exterior of home. Arched porch. Home is made of brick. Pan. of home. 05:04. Older man walks in yard. Man gathers wild flower from shrubbery, grass on lawn. He places flower in lapel, using it as a boutonniere. Bridge. Home at end of bridge. Pov. car ride. Two women emerge from garage. They smile and slink coyly away. Woman carrying suitcase approaches car. 06:02. She places suitcase in car. She draws white gloves on. She waves, gets in car. She drives away. Woman, carrying purse walks in yard. What appears to be green tarpaulin spread in yard. Woman walks past tarpaulin. 07:01. Woman gets in car. Drives away. Young woman, carrying tedybear stands by bushes of yard. Smiling, she turns about. CU of young woman. Back of young woman's head. She wears pink bow in her hair. Woman, carrying stuffed panda stands beside of her. People gathered at beach. Young man jumps vigorously into sand. Young man rubs suntan oil into woman's back. Woman, wearing sunglasses, waves. Two women lying on beach blanket. Another woman sits with them. 08:03. Profile shot woman wearing sunglasses. Two young men walk up beach. Two young men, their faces shielded from sun, with papers lie on beach blanket. Woman is reclining at left. Man talks to laddy wearing sunglasses. Woman adjusts pink hat. Two women walk along. They talk to group gathered on beach blanket. Woman dons mask. She moves about making gestures like robot. Three women dressed Arabian style. They wear burnoose-like hats and white sheets ala Arabian robes. 09:02. These women enter home through French doors. Exterior building topped by small roof,a larger sloping one below it, and roof hanging over porch. Lower windows are divided into small panes. Shrubbery before building. Ladies emerge from this building. They're casually dressed. All wear shorts. They walk across the road. Exterior of building. More women emerge. One woman heartily waves. Ladies enter car parked by shrubbery of building. Car drives off. 10:01. Woman carries toddler forward. Sets him on ground. Toddler waves hands back and forth. Crouching woman holds toddler on her knee. Toddler waves. (This woman is toddler once referred to in cataloging of earlier reels.) Woman standing in doorway. Woman in white graduation gown. She carries her diploma. She turns about, holds her diploma aloft. She raises arm of gown to exhibit her wristwatch. CU of her quality wristwatch. Another shot of graduated woman. She walks forward. 11:08. Man helps woman into car. Shadowy shot. Woman standing near trees, shrubbery. Young man joins her at left. Together, they walk forward. Woman, formally clad, walks out of garage. Stands by foliage in yard. This woman and an older woman emerge from garage. They walk along. Two women. They open trunk of car. One woman retrieves duffelbag therefrom. Other woman removes items from trunk. Man arrives to help. 12:01. Woman emerges from home via screen door. Car parked immediately in yard. Woman waves. Man at car door. Pan. of home exterior. Two women walking in yard. Car drives by home. Horizon with pink, gold, orange sunset. Left tracking pan. of sunset. Two men emerge from garage. One is soldier. They walk along. Soldier standing in yard. He smiles, removes hat. 13:01. Soldier crouched down on grass. Cat on grass. Soldier lights cigarette. He looks at small paper he has in hand. Two women, dressed for swimming, emerge from barn. They don bathing caps. Group of people in water near shoreline. Group seems convened around float or platform in water. People wade, swim in water. Trees. American flag aloft on pole. Small wooden dwelling at left. Two women walk along in area. 14:01. Large group girls, women. They all wear uniforms having shorts. Group aligns for flag salute. Flag is lowered. Man talking with women touches uniformed girl on shoulder. Girl runs down field. CU woman with hand over heart. She wears red pin on blouse. 15:01. Rowboat, small pleasure boat moored at dock. Two women, man sit on wooden bench on pier. Woman waves. Man in boat. Woman standing on pier. She dives into water. Man smokes cigarette. Woman swims. On pier, man helps woman to secure back of swimsuit. She gets into boat. We have woman surfer, pulled along by boat. Sailboats near shoreline. Boat with woman surfer moves over water. Wake, created by boat and surfer. 16:02. Man, woman on pier watch as surfer comes shore-ward. Surfer crawls onto pier. Woman surfer begins next outing by falling on her stomach in water just at start. She swims forward, triumphantly begins her surfing. Another surf journey. This time woman falls on her side. Boat at pier. Two men in boat. Another surf journey for woman. Man surfer moves over water. 17:01. Woman surfer sitting on pier with her feet dangling in water. She has water skis on. Starting journey, she lands on her stomach! Boat skims over water with passengers and surfer behind. Trees of shoreline. Water surface. Woman surfer smoothly skims along. Rapid boat journey, woman surfer. Wake, surfer, boat-created. Woman collapses into water. She emerges from water smiling and grasps her skis. Man secures her skis from water. Pier, sailboat. Sign on side of dock: 'Marine Service'. (End Reel 58.)
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