[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 57

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 57

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
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375 ft
Viewing Notes:
Wharf and boats on the water. A sailboat. Two women walk out of the house and towards the camera. Children moving debris from a collapsed building. Hauling logs on wagons. People on the porch and walking across the yard. Men on a rocky beach. A woman with a camera. A clambake. People eating at tables on the shore. A man eating watermelon. View past the crowd, to a boat on the water. Shots of water and islands. People on the shore. People waiting for the train. The ‘Bar Harbor & Wiscasset Bus’. A restaurant with the sign: ‘Miss Brunswick’. A ‘TYDOL GASOLINE’ blimp. An airstrip with single propeller airplanes. An ‘Northeast’ airplane taxiing. People disembarking the airplane. A woman tying off a motorboat as people step onto the dock. A boy cutting brush with a hatchet. People playing tennis. A large ship. Two women on the shore. Shots of the surf and shoreline. Lighthouse at Pemaquid Point. People on the dock. A man sawing wood. A man sitting on the roof. Men chopping wood. A woman sitting on the porch shucking corn. A man and a woman standing in shallow water. People playing in the water. A woman floating on a log. A man picks a woman up on the beach and carries her into the water. Playing in the water. People exiting the house with luggage. People at a picnic table. People milling around a car. A man and a woman leaving a house and driving away. The entrance to the George Washington Hotel. (Washington, PA) The façade of the ‘Jesse W. Lazear Chemistry Hall’. McIlvaine Memorial Hall. Other buildings on the Washington and Jefferson College campus. Clock tower. A building with a banner that reads ‘WELKUM ALLUMNY 1780’ and caricatures of people-shaped cut outs around a mannequin dressed as a football player tied to a post. People standing on at a building’s entrance. A (racist) caricature cut out with an axe stands over another mannequin. A group of people walking down the steps of the building. A man with a saw climbing a tree to saw off a limb. Two men cutting down a tree. A cat eating. A woman in a feathered hat exiting and entering building. A woman poses on the sidewalk. Snowy house and trees. Cars on a snowy road. [End of Reel]
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Pemaquid Point Lighthouse;Washington and Jefferson College, Washington, PA
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