[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 52

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 52

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
1941 – 1942
Original Format:
350 ft
Viewing Notes:
NHF Cataloguer's notes for reel 52: 00:02. Man piles shingles by exterior of house. Smoke permeates air. Roof of home. Shutters of upper windows. Chimney. Rubble, debris on ground near home. Wheelbarrow. Square lengths of wood. Girl descends steps of home. Girl jumps into water for swim. (This section of film faded, a bit overexposed.) She swims about. (Photography back to normal.) Man dives in for swim. He paddles about. Another woman dives in water. 01:04. Girl on pier helps her out of water. People on pier. Group women dive in for swim. Water foams as women swim. Woman dives off of pier. Alternate diving, swimming. Woman, young man carry girl aloft between them. Smiling, the two walk forward as girl smiles also. Grounds in front of home. Rocks intermixed with low-lying foliage. Rubble, debris on ground. Boy, man roll large hoop between them. Rubble, debris adjacent to what remains of house. 02:03. Left-tracking pan. of rubble, debris. Man, woman walking in debris area. Woman smokes cigarette. Man picks up box. Woman wheels wheelbarrow forward. Wreck of pickup truck in front of building. Trash being thrown into bed of truck. Three men walk down porch of home. Tree in yard. Men walking on porch. Woman present. Pickup truck driving away. Woman standing on pier. Little boy stands at right. Small boat balanced on boxes on pier. 03:01. Boat, assorted items near pier. Young man, slightly younger girl. They view assorted items on pier. Gulls afloat on water surface. They 'take wing'. Two cats sitting in open garage door. Black and white cat leaves. Gray feline remains. Shot of cat. Licks tail, cleans self. 04:01. Small poster held aloft. Men moving kitchen stove. Group assembled in yard. All are attired in colonial clothing. Men wear white wigs of period. Ladies long dresses. Holding hands, they commence dance of that period;possibly a minuet. Costumes colorful. Dancing graceful. Back in the present, man walks forward. Girl behind him holds small poster aloft. American flag is printed on front. Group people. Man, girl walk forward. 05:01. Crowd assembled in bleachers. Man wears red hat which could be 'Legionnaire's' cap. People descend steps of adjacent building. Marching band congregated on field. Spectators walking about. Football game commences on field. Team runs about. Playing begins. Coaches, referees crouching down at side of field. Girl puts cat down at top of steps. Cat descends. 06:01. Girl joins cat on sidewalk. She gestures for cat to come to her. Cat sniffs at snow on sidewalk. Door of home, Christmas wreath on door. Door of home with fanlight window above and vertical side windows. (These door shots waver just a mite. Photography good, however.) CU Christmas wreath with its red ribbon, cardboard bells. Girl tries to place cut in box with kittens, but cat runs off. Kittens climb out of box, walking in direction of mother cat. 07:02. Two more kittens try to emerge from box. Kitten steps into food dish near box. Kitten eats food in dish with another kitten attempting to share food. Kittens eat together while kitten in box watches. Kitten escapes from box and places paws on porch railing. Mother watches as kitten climbs between railing slats. Two kittens feeding from dish. A third one joins them. Kittens walk away. Coup'e convertible being driven into garage. Two kittens playing on bulkhead door. Kitten in box. Siblings on bulkhead door. 08:02. Kitten climbs between bars of porch railing. Kitten plays on mat beside door. Mother looks on. Girl, sitting nearby, watches mother cat, resting near mat. Man holds cat in hands. Allows cat its freedom. Man allows kittens to rest in his lap. Kittens crawl about. Man pats black and white kitten. Man gently grasps kitten's tail as kitten descends man's pant-leg. Woman emerges from home, her purse under arm. Bulkhead doors of cellar are open. Girl, formally dressed enters home through door. She reemerges in the company of young man. He wears a suit and brown and white saddle shoes. 09:02. The two descend steps. Young man has kitten in his arms. He smiles, caresses kitten. Man appears in his band uniform. He clashes his cymbals together. He stands with cymbals aloft. CU of this man, smiling. Shrubbery at side of home. Girl, wearing hat, white uniform does a few marching steps in area. She steps smartly forward, salutes. Woman and man stand in shrubbery area. Man wears 'Civil Defense' uniform. Woman has 'Civil Defense' band around her upper arm. The two shake hands, stand side by side. Marching band gathered about, not yet in formation. Police brigade marching down street. Marching band directly behind them. 10:00. Standing at sides of street, spectators look on. Marching band proceeding forward. Retinue of 'Legionnaires' marching. Navy unit. Leader holds American flag before him. Girl stands in front of shrubbery. Well-dressed, she proudly displays white skirt with black pattern, grasping sides of skirt. Still standing by shrubbery, she smiles. 11:07. Same girl, dressed in white dress. She has ribbon in her hair. She opens box which she has had under her arm and displays book. Bible, possibly. She turns about. Another view of this girl. She waves. Group of women clad in bathing suits, bathing caps. Girls, women walk down pier to diving board and commence diving, swimming. Girl jumps about on board, holds nose, and dives into water. 12:02. Ladies swimming in water. Woman on pier tests water with her feet, but decides not to go in just yet. Woman on pier straightens hair. Ladies walk up pier. Woman places marks on chart or calendar. Other women look at chart. Young woman runs up to man. He embraces her. They walk forward with man's arm around girl's shoulder. Girl wears scout-like uniform. Green with long, knotted pink bow. Woman kisses this girl. Woman cradles girl against shoulder. The two walk together. 13:01. Man weeding, sorting out shrubbery. This is a vegetable patch. He uproots beets, places same on ground. Indistinct shot. Tree in flower or Christmas tree. (Following shot very faded.) Girl and young man walk forward side by side. Cat. Overexposure, pallidness renders shot indiscernible. Cat rolls on ground. Cat grasps something in mouth. Woman in front of building. She smiles, turns around. She wears attractive skirt. 14:04. She places band over her hair. (Photography now begins improving.) Door of home decorated with Christmas wreath. Woman emerges. She wears black fur coat and has white fur muff. She wears corsage. (Photography is now normal.) She lifts skirt of her gown as she walks forward. She stands with her hands in muff, smiles. She attempts to enter home, but door sticks. 15:05. With a bit of effort, she does enter. Door of home with Christmas wreath. Girl sets dish on sidewalk. Dish is for cat who commences feeding. Large gray cat with collar dines. Cat has bow around neck. Cat shakes head. Girl emerges from home. Neatly dressed, she carries purse under her arm. 16:02. She smiles. Man, girl standing in front of trellis. Young man emerges from doorway. He secures the buttons of his suit coat. He crouches down, beckoning cat to him. He pats cat who has joined him. He walks away. Cat sitting on porch railing. Man standing beside car. Woman joins him. Girl joins the three for family shot. Older man walks away and young man replaces him by car. 17:00. Woman in bridal gown. She is outside. Abundant floral display on bench beside her. She adjusts her train. Shot of floral display. Woman holds bouquet. Track shot of her bridal gown. Woman is standing on rug. CU bottom of bridal train. (End of Reel 52.)
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