Fundamentals of skiing–Part 2, Reel 38

Fundamentals of skiing--Part 2, Reel 38


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Fundamentals of skiing part 2
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Title card: ‘The STEMCHRISTIANIA is a rapid change of direction in fast running’. A person demonstrating the technique while skiing downhill. Intertitle: ‘Unweighting of skis by rhythmical down-up-and down motion decreases snow resistance in the moment of turning’. Intertitle: ‘DOWN – outside ski stemmed UP – weight swung forward onto stemmed ski, inside ski advanced DOWN – skis equally weighted and turn around parallel in smooth sideward skidding’. Skier demonstrating technique while skiing downhill. Intertitle: ‘In the CHRISTIANIA both skis are simultaneously unweighted and weighted and turned around parallel through powerful twist of the body’. Skier turning downhill and stopping. Intertitle: ‘Elastic knee action relaxed skidding with advanced inside ski’. Intertitle: ‘Stemchristiania and Christiania are most frequently used in downhill running’. Intertitle: ‘SKATING STEPS increase the speed on gentle slopes’. A skier skate skiing. Intertitle: ‘On very steep slopes the aid of the downhill pole is uses in the “LIFTED STEMTURN” A skier stepping to turn. Intertitle: ‘In deep heavy snow the TELEMARK is still frequently used’. A person telemark skiing, making sharp turns while skiing downhill. Intertitle: ‘The advanced outside ski is turned around by heelpressure, while rear ski follows unweighted a rear heel is lifted’. Intertitle: ‘In breakable crust a JUMPTURN is the easiest change of direction’. Skier performing a jumpturn. Intertitle: ‘Insert downhill pole and jump from a low crouch; take skis high out of snow, landing at right angle to slope’. Intertitle: ‘Use of BOTH poles on downhill side makes it easier’. Skier uses poles to lift themselves in the air and turn, with the Matterhorn in the background. Intertitle: ‘On an opposite slope the skier can JUMP AROUND completely’. A skier skis down a hill, jumpturns, and skis the other direction. The technique demonstrated several times. Intertitle: ‘Small obstacles can be taken with a “GELAENDESPRUNG”’. A skier jumps downhill. Close up of the skier’s face. The skier crouches, before jumping. Intertitle: ‘As in any sport, thorough and patient practice in addition to good instruction will finally make the expert’. Skier skiing downhill, past the Matterhorn. [End of Reel]
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Zermatt, Switzerland;Matterhorn, Switzerland
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