Fundamentals of skiing–Part 1, Reel 37

Fundamentals of skiing--Part 1, Reel 37


Reid Family Collection
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Fundamentals of skiing part 1
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Title card: ‘Produced by Georg von Lilienfeld Photography Christine L. Reid, with acknowledgements to Perren-Barberini and Gustav Julen both of Zermatt, Switzerland’. Intertitle: ‘As a result of analytical study a standardized technique of skiing has been developed which – when mastered – insures absolute control of skis under any circumstances’. The Matterhorn, with a log house in the foreground. A man sets down a pack and sits on a fence, next to a sign for ‘Zermatt’. He is joined by another man carrying skis. The two men hiking with the Matterhorn in the background. Intertitle: ‘A long climb leads up to the snow region in springtime’. A man carrying skis. The man attaches the skis to his feet. Close up of a hand grasping a ski pole. The man skiing. Intertitle: ‘In long traverses the skier zig-zags up the slope, applying a KICKTURN for change of direction.’ A man skiing, and performing kickturns. Intertitle: ‘On steeper places SIDE-STEPPING or the HERRINGBONE is used’. A man side-stepping up a hill. The man doing the herringbone step up a hill. Intertitle: ‘Swinging body motion and powerful pole action are the marks of good style in running’. Intertitle: ‘Miles of glaciers and open slopes form a skier’s paradise from Monte Rosa –’. A person sitting on the edge of a mountain. Shots of mountains. Intertitle: ‘- to the famous symbol of the Matterhorn’. A person skiing down a hill, with the peak of the Matterhorn in the background. Panning shot of mountains. Intertitle: ‘In downhill running stand firmly on both heels, knees elastically bent and lean forward; poles forward’. Intertitle: ‘The SNOWPLOUGH is the basis of the entire skiing technique’. A person doing the snowplough as they ski down a hill. Intertitle: ‘To slow down your speed, push the rear ends apart by heelpressure, while the tips stay together; knees bent, skis flat’. Intertitle: ‘SNOWPLOUGHTURNS are performed by shifting of weight on outside ski.’ A person turning as they ski down a hill. Intertitle: ‘For a RIGHT turn shift your weight onto LEFT ski, leaning forward’. Intertitle: ‘Both knees bent, weight on outside ski, heels on skis’. Intertitle: ‘In the STEMTURN only the outside ski is “stemmed” and then weighted gradually’. Skiing downhill, the Matterhorn in the background. Intertitle: Outside knee sharply bent, lean forward downhill, both heels on skis’. Intertitle: ‘After the turn is finished, slide unweighted inside ski ahead’. Skier demonstrating the technique. [End of Reel]
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Zermatt, Switzerland;Matterhorn, Switzerland
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