Family, 1956–Dorothy Stebbins Bowles–home movies. Reel 33

Family, 1956--Dorothy Stebbins Bowles--home movies. Reel 33


Bowles, Dorothy Stebbins Collection
Original Format:
16mm film
350 ft
Can Description:
Probably 1956;Many gatherings at Essex;May 30th;Steb after brain tumor op.;Frannie's new house/old Lyme;B and H and Holly and Ches and John, Linda, Nat and Tim;Bennet Kids;Builing Belton Copp(?)s house;Ches
Viewing Notes:
A woman in a doorway claps her hands and walks out followed by several men carrying beer cans. Dorothy comes out towards the end followed by a man carrying a box full of cans and stumbling a bit. Roof of the house. Chet, Frannie, and others sitting on the back porch. Horses. A man riding a horse with a foal running behind them. A cat resting by a tree. Dorothy wearing a tight knit capo. Yacht coming in to shore. A party in the backyard. Men in suits and women in dresses. Some Indian women there in saris. Winter. Cat in a mailbox/birdhouse. Summer. Dorothy, Chet, and Sam in the backyard. Blown out shot of a cat. Baby in a playpen. Sally, Sam, and friends carrying masts in the backyard. Barb, Hamilton, and the children visiting with Dorothy, Chet, Sam, and Sally. Easter. Coolidges at the house with the kids. A girl and a boy playing with a dollhouse in the yard. Outdoor potluck. Families line up to get food. Three kids (a young boy and girl and an older girl) come out of a tent. The older girl picks up the younger one and carries her. Family and friends in the backyard. A baby on a blanket on the back patio with two other young kids (maybe Hope, Harry, & Michael). Dorothy, Barbara, Sally, and a friend smile for the camera. A woman feeds a baby lamb. A man without a shirt on playing the bagpipe. Several kids and a man line up behind him and march as he walks. Family and friends in the yard. Dark footage of handling bee hives. A small boy by the water. Small boy and a woman by a house being built, inside and outside. Bulldozer. Cat in a travel case outside. Two small boys (Harry and Nat) run around the cage and pet the cat. The boys in the cage. CU shots of the boys. Boys playing outside and in a sandbox. [End of Reel]

Essex, Connecticut
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