[Elizabeth Thompson Reed–home movies] Reel 5

[Elizabeth Thompson Reed--home movies] Reel 5


Sheila Denny-Brown Collection
1928 – 1929
Original Format:
400 ft
Can Description:
Hancock 1928-1928 Lake Placid 1930
Viewing Notes:
Three girls walking away from a house. Two girls, one holding a cat, walking down the front steps. The girl holding the cat. The two girls. A man and a young girl walking up the path. A group of people pose for the camera (Presumably Edward, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Burd, William, Mary Bliss and Anne Reed). Close up of the man. Shots of various people walking towards the camera. Children playing on the sidewalk. The man, walking away, tips his hat at the camera. Women walking through a doorway. A snowy campus. (Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts) A building with clock tower. (Samuel Phillips Hall) People entering a building. People pose for the camera next to a car. A large stone building. A girl on a bicycle. Two girls, one reading, one holding a cat. Two girls with a sled. A girl (Anne) carries a chair out onto the porch and sits down to read. A cat in a doorway. The girl with a baby doll. People gathered on a campus. People seated on fire escapes. A man giving a speech on the steps of Samuel Phillips Hall. Men with umbrellas. A horse drawn carriage. Scene too dark to see. A procession of professors in caps and robes and men in uniform. A marching band. Young men in uniform marching. The boys in uniform lined up. Professors seated behind a podium. A professor giving a speech. A crowd of people. People seated at tables in a large hall. A line of young men marching. A track and field meet, with runners and pole vaulting. Women and children exiting a building. Children and a dog. Geese. A peacock. Children feeding rabbits. A picnic. A baseball game. Cars driving past a pillared archway. A procession of men in uniform, some on horseback. A procession young women in uniform. Two girls, one holding a balloon, walking in a garden. A girl riding a pony. A boy riding a pony. A girl riding a horse. A group of children seated on the grass, holding balloons. A girl climbing onto a wooden elephant. Children with a dog. Children eating at small tables outdoors. Women seated outside, next to a bird cage. A procession of women in white dresses, carrying a banner reading: ‘1903’. A procession of women in bonnets and black capes, carrying a banner reading ‘1893’. Two women talking. Buildings of a college campus. Two girls sitting on a couch. They are joined by an older woman. Two girls in a garden. A building with a steeple. [End of Reel]
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Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, USA
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information

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