[Anna B. Harris–home movies] Reel 26


Harris, Anna B. Collection
circa 1952
Original Format:
8mm film
Can Description:
Reel 26 box note: To Anna Harris, Manchester, Vermont. Digging out Truck. Two Tiny Puppys. [sic] Gladys Deers Bromly [sic] Snow Skiing. Dec-May
Viewing Notes:
Reel 26 color. Snow (dirt and decomp at head of reel), two people in pants and parkas run with spaniel in snow. Bromley ski area lodge, bright red, pan of buildings and ski trail. Many people with skis and standing about. Somewhat overexposed or faded. Parking lot. Winch pulling truck, man walks to attend to it. Underexposed deer running away from camera by a house. Tail just visible in distance. Nice shot of "Wilcox Bros. Silver Spring Farm Manchester VT" delivery truck with man at wheel, two boys walking toward camera, smiling. Man at wheel acknowledges camera. [The man is Howard E. Wilcox, the boys are Keith and Howard, according to Ron Wilcox, Oct 2016.] African American couple by birch trees, He has arm around her neck, they stop and hug to camera, he takes his hat off. Then they shake hands. Caucasian woman in coat and hat with dogs.
Manchester, VT
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information

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