[Anna B. Harris–home movies] Reel 24


Harris, Anna B. Collection
Original Format:
8mm film
Can Description:
Reel 24 box note: To Anna Harris, Manchester Vermont. Boltie, Carrie. Max. Lottie Helen Hattie. Bride & Groom. Della. Charles. 2 children. Mrs Fannie Gibson K&H. July and August 1951. Date code 1951
Viewing Notes:
Reel 24 faded color Lake (poor contrast, mold). People in summer clothes with lake behind. Color improves, pan of lake and tops of heads. Man with camera. House obscured by shrub. Hillside on far side of lake, swish panning. Harris house, car at garage. People walk to another car, wave, open car doors. Car driving away, man waves and smiles from window as he drives. CU man with paper bag walking backwards. House with hillside, he goes to car. CU woman in passenger seat, three people in car wave and smile. View of dirt road, car driving away. People in garden with fishing poles, includes young girl with bows in pig tails. Older woman turns to camera, figures against backdrop of trees. Picnic spot?
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