[Elizabeth Thompson Reed–home movies] Reel [3]

[Elizabeth Thompson Reed--home movies] Reel [3]

Sheila Denny-Brown Collection
circa 1928
Original Format:
400 ft
Viewing Notes:
Amateur footage. Particularly good depiction of women interacting with affection. NHF cataloguing notes, 7/97 for Reel [3]: (24:30) Campus shots, large 'PA' on building. (24:45) Football game in a stadium. Men in fur stadium coats, joking together, arms around shoulders. (25:25) Women lined up against a building, posing for group portrait. Shots of women, automobiles, and a girl. Men and women coming up walk, then two women coming up walk arm in arm. (25:55) Skiers at remote ski area in mountains. Icicles on building (lodge?) eaves in background. (26:10) Ice skating, graceful male skater. Cross country skiers, woman skier. (26:30) Horse and sleigh. Downhill skier, falls down. LS skiers. LS mountains over snowy valley. (27:10) Skier weaving through ski course. Skiers going down chute. LS mountains over snowy valley. POV from top, looking down course, skiers at bottom. (video drop out on tape) (28:05) Woman, girl, and pigeons (possibly in a European city). Woman and girl laughing, feeding pigeons who flock to their shoulders and sit on their heads. (29:25) Girl feeding peacocks, rabbits. (29:40) Cruise ship departing, deck scenes. (30:35) Man doffs hat farewell from on deck. LS ship sailing. (31:20) Girl on beach, gathering seashells, displaying them for camera. (31:40) Woman pushes girl on swing, is joined by man and woman. Group poses for camera. Ship deck scenes amidst white caps and large ocean swells. (33:50) Livestock and zoo scenes, sheep, antelope, penguins, polar bears (person's hand in foreground with tidbit for bear), grizzly bear. (35:10) Rugby game played by young men in team uniforms. (36:40) Empty stadium, batter at home plate shot by camera through bleacher seats. (37:25) Girls and boys in Dutch-style costumes (peaked caps, aprons, knickers, wooden shoes). They enter a building. (38:10) (Foreign?) manor house in remote mountainous area. Rural dirt road, men and women walking on the road.
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