The Woman Behind the Camera is launched!

Welcome to the Woman Behind the Camera project. This collaboration between Northeast Historic Film (NHF), Chicago Film Archives (CFA), and the Lesbian Home Movie Project (LHMP) aims to bring to life amateur film and home movies created by women in the 20th Century.

Over the next several months we will be creating an online catalog of women made films from NHF, CFA, and LHMP. We will digitize and describe the material, making digital copies available for viewing online, and providing finding aids for those interested in learning more about the films and the filmmakers who made them. The digital copies will be available on this website.

The project is an important effort to highlight these women-made films, and to challenge the notion that women were simply the subjects of home movies and amateur film, rather than filmmakers themselves.  The films nominated for digitization, each created by a female amateur filmmaker active in the twentieth century, are diverse in subject matter and provenance. They document families and friends and include the travels, home lives, interests, and some significant moments in each woman’s history.

Keep checking back here for updates!

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