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Jere Van Syoc Collection

Sculptor, painter, filmmaker and a founder of the legendary Aradia, Jere Van Syoc (1935-2018) shot Super 8 footage throughout her life as an artist and devotee of high play. She edited her footage into two finished films, the early “Lebisia” and the late “The Brothel, the Temple, and Art,” which she assembled from her footage

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Aradia at Michfest & Grand Rapids, MI

Rare footage of an early Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival that particularly focuses on members of the Aradia Collective & also catches up with collective members at home in Grand Rapids and at play on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Home Movies & Outtakes

Outtakes from Jere Van Syoc’s home movies as well as footage of her Aradia and Thomas Jefferson College projects & hijinks.

The Brothel, The Temple & Art

A memoir on film, “The Brothel, The Temple, and Art” tells the story of sculptor and filmmaker Jere Van Syoc’s life in art and high play.