[Reid Family–home movies] Reel 12

[Reid Family--home movies] Reel 12


Reid Family Collection
circa 1933
Original Format:
Can Description:
World Fair 1933-34 - Denver & Rio Grande 1933
Viewing Notes:
Chicago skyline. Shot of the World’s Fair grounds from the air. City skyline and surrounding area. The Shedd Aquarium and the Field’s Museum. The Belgian Village exhibit. A log fort (replica of Fort Dearborn). A train engine. A Union Pacific Railroad train. Shots of other trains. A blimp flying over a train. A train car with ‘BALTo 8 OHIO R. R. CO.’ written on the side. Panning shots of trains and engines. Engine: ‘The Royal Scot’. A “historical” reenactment of periods of US history: A man dressed in robes gestures at a line of people on horseback, dressed as Native Americans. A horse drawn sledge. Two people carry a dead deer on a pole. People in American frontier period dress in wagons, fighting with the people dressed as Native Americans. People in 18th century dress on horseback. Dancers on a boat. Other performers. A stage coach. A steamship. A boat on wheels with dancers, men in top hats and women in ball gowns. A sailing ship. A horse drawn wagon with: ‘Balto 8 Ohio Railroad Pioneer’ on the side. A steam engine pulling a wagon. A coal fired engine pulling a line of carriages. Train engines. Reenactment of driving the spike at Promontory Summit. A miniature car. Early automobiles. An early airplane. A European style village, with the sign ‘The Limehouse District’. A drummer wearing a kilt. A performing monkey. A group of Native Americans performing a dance for spectators. Trains. Landscape filmed from a moving train. The moving train seen as it goes around a bend, through a canyon. A bridge over the canyon. Shots of the river. Mountains. Two trains passing each other. The train going through a gorge. Shots of the train. Shots of the river. The train going through the ‘Moffat Tunnel’. [End of Reel]
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Chicago, Illinois;Denver, Colorado;Moffat Tunnel, Colorado
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