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[Margaret Cummings Bean–home movies] Reel 10

Cars parked by a lake. A man. A dog. Houses. A man (Norm Sweat) holding a fish. A child on a playground. A purple lilac bush. Water and shoreline. Rowboats on the beach, one with ‘THE CAPE’ written on the bow. A white lilac bush. A woman in a wheelchair, (Aunty Elliot?) watering the lawn

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[Margaret Cummings Bean–home movies] Reel 11

A garden. A girl walking through the garden. A tractor. A man cutting grass with a scythe. A girl driving horse drawn farm equipment. The man with the scythe. A truck piled with hay. Women in formal dress (leaving for church). Dark indoor scenes. A girl (Janet?) with a dog and a calf. Houses in

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[Margaret Cummings Bean–home movies] Reel 12

Two people snowshoeing with a dog. A horse drawn sleigh. A young girl playing outdoors. People outdoors. People on the dock by a lake. Cars parked on the shore. Boats on the water. A man, a young girl, and a horse. Children playing outdoors. A woman (Aunty Elliot) seated in a wheelchair outdoors. Children eating

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[Margaret Cummings Bean–home movies] Reel 13

A covered bridge. A Christmas tree covered with lights. A girl and a dog in the snow. Horses and people in the snow. Horses and trucks on the ice. A horse drawn sleigh. Children (Janet and Christine?) playing in the snow. Houses in the snow. A frozen lake. [End of Reel]

[Margaret Cummings Bean–home movies] Reel 14

A man leading a horse. A dog. A man (Frank) on horseback. A log cabin. Houses and a barn in the snow. A woodpecker in a tree. Chicks. A house in the snow. A man (Dr. Sullivan?) walking up the road. A child with a sled. Three children (Janet, Christine and Vera) playing in the

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[Margaret Cummings Bean–home movies] Reel 15

Fallen trees and houses damaged by the hurricane. People cutting trees. A broken cement path. A man chopping a tree that has fallen on a house. More shots of storm damage. [End of Reel]

[Margaret Cummings Bean–home movies] Reel 16

(Shaky footage) People walking past parked cars. Bonfires. A boat and logs on the water. People on horseback. Newly planted trees. A girl (Janet) playing outside. Janet and a dog next to a white lilac bush. A purple lilac bush. Other lilac bushes. A man works on a boat on blocks. Boats pulled up on

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[Helen V. Bird–home movies] Reel 31

A Christmas tree. Two children (Laura and Mark) playing on a couch. Laura and Mark having a tea party in front of the Christmas tree. The children playing with a toy steering wheel. Laura with a vanity. Mark with a toy gun. Mark with a toy bulldozer. A small blackboard with ‘JAN. 4, 1965’ written

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[Helen V. Bird–home movies] Reel 32

A policeman standing by the side of the road. A group of children pose for the camera. Dark shot of children running down the street. Children with hula hoops. Girls in dresses and hats. Children playing in the street. A girl on a tricycle. A girl (Laura) posing for the camera. The policeman by the

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