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Backyard Winter

Similar to Elam’s “Winter Garden,” “Backyard Winter” surveys fresh snowfall upon what appears to be her Logan Square home, a salient locale in Elam’s work. However, unlike its counterpart, “Backyard Winter” captures its representations at a higher vantage and consists of frantic and (mostly) uninformative pans sprinting across the lawn. Elam slows “Backyard Winter” near

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Winter Garden

Through a series of pans around what appears to Elam’s Logan Square backyard (a frequent locale in her work), “Winter Garden” meticulously records a fresh blanket of snow. The virgin snow fragilely lies as the camera skims atop recording dead plants and planks of wood that poke through. The majority of pans remains slow;however, as

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Swift, Joanne Collection

The Joanne Swift Collection consists of 9 reels of amateur 8mm and 2 reels of super 8 shot primarily by Joanne Swift between 1957 and 1968 and her father Donald Taylor between 1938 and 1955. The films document Joanne and her twin sister Susan’s childhood in Maine, and continue with Joanne’s family after she is

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