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[Gladys Steputis–home movies] Reel 31

Fishing – Duck Lake, Linda, Bill+Gary, Lou Parlin + [illegible] scene Oxford no date Bird Feeding out of hand Gray Jays Lou Parlin Duck Lake Fishing – Dennis Erinakas

[Gladys Steputis–home movies] Reel 19

July ’69 don’t know where woods harbor – boats dock Shore from boat Round building Playing basketball – Susan + others Joe Sturbridge Village 1969 Picnic – Gladys, Susan Linda Henry Janet Sue Jim

[Gladys Steputis–home movies] Reel 21

Fishing – Bob Shaw, Susan + Gladys out front. Playing in deep snow. Fishing – Bob Shaw Very deep snow in 1969 – Susan + Gladys out front of home on Davis Dr. Susan shoveling snow in back of house.

[Gladys Steputis–home movies] Reel 22

Millimagassett 1970 Millimagssett fishing ; camp ; boating on lake in canoe (don’t know who other men are besides Walter) Lou Parlin. Dinsmore men napping all around camp site

[Gladys Steputis–home movies] Reel 23

Ocean Fishing ’70, Nancy + George ‘71 1970 Ocean fishing hanging fish to dry Cutting chum Seals 1971 building new garage? Nancy w/ big hair G packing VM Red VW

[Gladys Steputis–home movies] Reel 24

Deep Sea Fishing + Duck Hunting canoeing ; fishing duck hunting – looks like Dennis [illegible] deep sea fishing – Davis Dr. the girls G at some shore camp Nova Scotia S.C.S trip – Corda LaFlamme 1967 blue + white streamline camper “Explorer” Smiths from Lock Haven Bob + Pat Perkowskis up from N.J. for

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