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Mother & Daughter dance; “I’ll Fly Away,” Seagulls & Singing

Mother and daughter dance in the first short clip. The second clip, “Seagulls & Singing,” is an art piece directed by Kate Gallagher. The  concept was that a group of women in black bathing suits would sing on the beach for a womanfriend who was dying of cancer. But seagulls kept diving at them. They

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Aradia Susan Wiseheart Collection

A 1/2″ open reel collection of concerts & playlets sponsored by Aradia, a womyn’s community that formed in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the 1970s and incorporated as an educational nonprofit in May 1977.  The collection includes two Alix Dobkin concerts and two Aradian plays.  The earliest Dobkin concert in the collection took place December 28, 1979,

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