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Caren’s Movie, 2017

Film memoir by a lesbian mother who lost custody of her daughter in the late 1970s.

Caren’s Collection

Caren began her film memoir in the late 1970s when she came upon a Super 8 camera in a pawnshop soon after she ceded custody rather let her young daughter’s life be torn apart in a vicious legal battle. Caren retained visitation rights and used the camera to film visits with her daughter and other

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Loraine Sumner Collection

Referee & coach Loraine Sumner’s 8mm bird’s eye view of life before & after Title IX.  Fast pitches, shot puts, camping trips, life as a lesbian mother, and lots of horsing around.  Minor footage of Hall of Famer Joan Joyce.


Loraine Sumner’s career as a coach & referee began well before the passage of Title IX and before she graduated from high school and spanned almost 40 years. She  played and coached AAU softball, bowling, Lacrosse, field hockey, basketball, taught physical education, and directed several summer camps.   She was also a single lesbian mother. 

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Sumner often traveled with friends, teammates , and her daughter to away games or on vacation after she gave up coaching — a story in itself — she worked as a travel agent for a number of years. These clips are highlights of early trips with teammates and her daughter.


Highlights of Loraine Sumner’s career as coach, player, and referee interspersed team members hanging out with Sumner and her daughter.